Adjamée, it is the meeting of a woman, Talissa, and a market. Adjamé "é", in reference to Abidjan, known for its market of the same name. Dozens of alleys, hundreds of fabric sellers and sewing workshops, paradise. Weekends at the beach for some are hours spent hunting for treasures for another. And when you know that Adjamé means meeting in tchaman, there is no longer any doubt to be had. This is how Adjamé in the feminine begins.

Adjamée's story

It was in 1993 that Talissa, then still a child, discovered the African continent for the first time. Beginning with the Ivory Coast, she travels through several countries and immerses herself in the customs and traditions of each other. But it is in 2017, when she returns to Abidjan (in Côte d'Ivoire), that the spark that will light the Adjamée flame will appear to her for the first time. This sparkle is a fabric with peacock feather patterns, unearthed in a market in the region. This is then brought back to Paris, where it is transformed into a cushion. With all of its details and vivid colors, this one doesn't take long to catch the eye. Quickly, it even becomes the basis of a process of reflection and creation which will give birth to a brand-universe with a strong identity: Adjamée. The name of the brand originates from Adjamé, the name of the Abidjan market, rediscovered in women by Talissa.

Adjamée, a colorful invitation to travel

From West to East, the same mission continues: the “quest for the perfect fabric”. Look for the diversity, the relief, the material, the mastery of a dye or a hand-made confection, always with the idea of associating the modern and the ethnic and to discover fabrics which "tell a story" . As in Peru, for example, where the fabrics from which the creations of the brand's Peru collection are made are handcrafted.

Indeed, in this country, the fabric is much more than a material, but is an integral part of the local customs and traditions. Heavy cotton dyed and woven by hand, sometimes mixed with alpaca or vicuña wool, is in the spotlight. The very colorful fabrics depict nature or mythological scenes: this is called “Aguayo”. These versatile fabrics are also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Adjamée. Thanks to these fabrics steeped in history, and born of a unique know-how, the brand offers models with ethnic inspirations.

If the first collection was born between Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, inspiration continues to travel through other countries - Kenya, Peru and more recently Australia - always keen to tell stories. Thanks to textiles, everyone gets away from it all and reclaims their decoration based on their travels and adventures.

A committed and creative brand

Adjamée products, as well as their raw materials, are maintained and made by hand in a medico-social workshop. This unusual way of doing things was born from the brand's desire to provide employment to people with disabilities, to encourage their professional integration.

The Adjamée universe advocates spontaneity and combinations, always with the aim of illuminating our daily life through objects and accessories. On Moodntone, find a wide selection of creations that will bring character and color to your interior, whatever the season.

Invitation to travel, intercultural sharing and style associations, Adjamée embodies the link between your interior and the rest of the world. An adventure of a thousand colors not to be missed!

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