Adjamée is the meeting of a woman, Talissa, and a market. Adjamé "é" the reference to Abidjan, known for its market of the same name. Dozens of alleys, hundreds of fabric sellers and sewing workshops, paradise. Weekends at the beach for some, hours spent hunting for treasures for another. And when we know that Adjamé means meeting in tchaman, no more doubt. This is how it all starts, Adjamé in the feminine.

From West to East, the same mission continues: the "quest for the perfect fabric": Searching for diversity, relief, material, mastery of dyeing or even hand-making, always with the idea of 'combine the modern and the ethnic and discover fabrics that "tell a story".

If the first collection was born between the Ivory Coast and Ghana, the inspiration continues its way traversing other countries - Kenya, Peru and more recently Australia - always with heart to tell stories. Thanks to textiles, everyone can escape and re-appropriate their decoration according to their travels and adventures.

The Adjamée universe advocates spontaneity and combinations, always with the aim of illuminating our daily lives through objects and accessories: Cushions, plaids, mirrors, pouches, headbands ...

Invitation to travel, intercultural sharing and style associations, Adjamée embodies the link between your interior and the rest of the world.






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