Fést Amsterdam has been offering furniture and decorative objects since 2013 in order to meet a need: to offer high quality designer products at reasonable prices. It is this idea that pushed Femke Furnée, founder of Fést, to embark on this adventure whose main goal is to make people happy. It is with simplicity and elegance that Fést considers design, placing comfort, durability and timeless design at the center of his concerns.

The history of Fést Amsterdam

The founder of Fést, Femke Furnée, saw her vision of interior design change dramatically when, in 2013, she was looking for pieces to decorate her new apartment. Faced with the virtual impossibility of finding parts at a reasonable price, Femke Furnée realized that her choice was in fact very limited. Visualizing the structure of the interior design market as follows: mass produced furniture or brands that are difficult to afford. Faced with this situation, the founder of Fést decided to fill the existing space between these two extremes, thus giving birth to the Fést brand. Its goal: to offer high-end designs and quality services, all at affordable prices.

Modern style models that dress up the space

The brand offers a wide choice of furniture, from sofas to dining tables, in a modern and colorful style. From cylinders to cubes, its models feature astonishing geometric shapes, which catch the eye and surprise with their uniqueness. From electric blue to beige, the colors are diverse and offer a whole range of possibilities to decorate your interior according to your needs and desires.

All in length and rounded shapes, the Fést sofas surprise with their imposing structure and innovative design. The Clay sofa, for example, available in different colors, is over 2 meters 60 long. L-shaped, it can perfectly fit into a corner of a room to dress up the space without cluttering it up. Present, this piece of furniture has everything to become the centerpiece of a living room or a library.

With plain leather or fabric coverings, Fést also plays the monochrome card, to offer designs that can easily be integrated into the decoration. The materials used also guarantee a certain durability, for furniture that will accompany you in the long term in all your everyday moments.

Fést, a brand with multiple commitments in favor of more responsible and green design

Defining herself as courageous, Fést frees herself from tradition and the limits imposed by the industry to defend her practices and consumer choice. They are listened to and are at the center of the branding and creation process. Fést makes sure to offer solutions in accordance with the needs and desires of its customers, and does not hesitate to surprise them with unique creations. Committed to beautiful and affordable design, the brand views its mission with optimism, and sees problems as opportunities to step out of its comfort zone to evolve and improve.

All of the furniture offered by Fést is designed in Europe, and the majority of it comes from the Netherlands. This allows the brand to maintain transparent contact with its places of production, and to effectively control the quality of the furniture produced there. Fést also ensures the well-being of its employees, reduces its emissions of toxic products due to the transport of goods.

Fést also undertakes to produce on demand on the vast majority of its materials, thus reducing its stocks as much as possible. The brand is also committed to the Dopper Wave, thus banning certain polluting practices within its team, such as buying single-use plastic bottles that pollute the oceans. At Fést, everything is thought out, from the materials used to small everyday gestures, to cause as little harm as possible to the environment and to individuals. In its own way, the brand therefore contributes to reducing its environmental footprint, and continues to innovate to offer high-quality products at lower cost, for its customers and for the environment.

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