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Discover Kave Home and the Kave Cares project, wonderful creations as original as they respect people and the environment!

A brand that wants to make a difference

It was in 2013 that the Kave Home brand was born, thanks to its founder Francesc Julià, also owner of the Julià Group since 1984. In 1996, the creator, who had as a passion and hobby the creation since the age of 22 years, quickly became the international leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of furniture. From that moment on, the group continued to grow: expansion of the catalog, creation of an internal designer team, opening of offices on other continents.

Then 2013 marked a turning point for the creator as he launched Kave Home. The group is now present in nearly 80 countries, with passion for work and product quality as ingredients for success. The brand wants to revolutionize the world of furniture, and for this, it is based on six essential values: innovation, non-conformity, commitment, customer orientation, respect for the environment and the fact to be transgressive.

For the designer, this is the ideal recipe for offering furniture in an unconventional way, with quality products and impeccable service. Attention to detail is a real obsession at Kave Home, the processes of design, manufacture and distribution of each product are carried out with care and seriousness.

The Kave Cares project

Launched in 2020, Kave Cares is an ambitious and environmentally conscious project, with a strong commitment to the planet and to society. The objective of this project is to design products in accordance with the planet and our society. For this, the designers use recycled and recyclable materials, for sustainable products worked with traditional techniques, guarantees of quality for the brand. But the Kave Cares project is not only about the products, it also applies to the brand's relationships with its partners, in facilities and offices, or even in the production and manufacturing processes.

The designer, Francesc Julià, declares in this regard: “We want social and ecological awareness to be one of the characteristics of our brand, such as design and quality. ". Without forgetting that long before the implementation of this project, the brand already offered recycled furniture and decorative objects as well as recyclable materials since 2012. And in the years to come, Kave Home aims to eliminate all of its plastic packaging in favor of honeycomb honeycomb paper, a resistant and environmentally friendly packaging. The brand also wants to reach 70% of products made from recycled materials by 2025, a goal that could be achieved before that date.

Kave Home's commitment

The brand's commitment, particularly through the Kave Cares project, is based on four main areas: design, process, talent and community. As regards the design, it is more particularly the materials which are concerned. Indeed, in the project, not all materials can be used because they must correspond to a certain number of criteria. In addition, a product can receive the Kave Cares label only if its materials are natural and recycled, the materials certified, its finishes are natural and its commitment to the planet is assured.

Thus, the products from this collection are made from solid woods (oak, walnut, acacia and teak) which have FSC certification, testifying to the fact that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests; in PET, a fabric made from recycling plastic bottles found in the oceans; and with LEDs, which last longer, are more energy efficient and are of course recyclable. The process is based on transparency in design, manufacturing and communication, while sharing values with various partners, suppliers and employees.

Among these values, we find the importance of artisanal and manual techniques among suppliers which are necessary for the proper development of Kave Cares products. The field of talent is the responsibility of internal and external designers at Kave Home, the latter are constantly looking for new trends, with innovation and creation as a starting point. Finally, the last area, the community, is essential to the Kave Cares project and more generally to the brand itself. It consists of developing projects throughout the year with very specific collaborations and objectives, such as the creation of eco-responsible offices in Sils in Spain, or the collaboration with the University School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, Elisava, where projects are designed to preserve the environment and reduce the environmental impact. Kave Cares is an innovative and rich project, its development will give rise to future collections all as unique and protective of the environment as each other.

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