Northern was born from Northern Lighting Studios, a brand that has lit homes for the past 12 years. This new brand aims to combine the beautiful and the functional and to highlight natural materials and craftsmanship.

From Northern Lighting to Northern

Northern products bring a relaxing atmosphere and a new vision of Nordic style. Taking over from Northern Lighting, the brand focuses its creative process on the search for the perfect harmony between beauty and functionality. She also showcases the know-how of craftsmen, and chooses natural materials to bring her creations to life.

For its creations, the brand is inspired by Nordic landscapes, corners of very pure nature that offer colors and shapes that cannot be found anywhere else. These kinds of places stimulate the imagination, and that is exactly what Northern needs to design models, so practicality is matched only by its extraordinary aesthetics.

Aesthetic and practical creations combining respect for tradition and innovation

In his creations, Northern mixes the traditional and the innovative, the delicate and the raw. In its own way, the brand is inspired by what makes its essence to become a true pioneer in its field. Northern notably offers a collection of lighting with vegetal and graphic inspirations, based on the use of natural materials and organic shapes defying the laws of a straight and orderly design.

Its Heat model, a translucent pendant lamp in brass and steel, evokes a cloud of fire which, depending on the lighting, calms or energizes the room and helps to bring an extraordinary atmosphere to it. This pendant light combines robustness (thanks to its composition) and delicacy (thanks to its light and translucent appearance), which gives it that warm air that appeals so much. The Diva floor lamp, on the other hand, evokes the trunk of a tree which, at its center, separates into elegant fibers to reveal its heart and its essence: a simple round bulb. With its smoked oak structure, this lamp does not go unnoticed.

It seems to be in motion, unfolding slowly, like a flower opening its petals, to reveal its heart. Inviting to meditation, this model is available in several colors, and will perfectly dress an interior and give it an extraordinary atmosphere. From the privacy of your bedroom to the conviviality of your living room, Northern lamps will light up your most beautiful moments with a sparkle all their own.

The first collection from Northern is based on simplicity. The brand offers designs that are easy and fun to combine and contrast. It uses characteristic elements, such as burnt wood or silhouettes full of presence, and brings an elegant touch to the interior decoration with geometric or classic shapes. For Northern, every interior is a flexible creative space. To allow you to optimize it as well as possible, the brand designs multifunctional products, which combine an aesthetic of their own and a modular aspect that will make your daily life easier.

Northern lamps: inspiring and unique creations

Much more than beauty and efficiency, Northern wishes to bring to each interior an additional source of energy and inspiration, to nourish spirits and help create a relaxing and soothing living space, to embellish your everyday moments. days.

Delighted to illuminate the world with her creations, to offer unique moments of happiness and conviviality, Northern has exported around the world to participate in many interior and exterior design projects. From Paris to Oslo, Northern dresses the places with its bright and unique creations, to offer everyone an extraordinary experience.
Northern: Just got cooler!

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