Because living green is above all living better. An environment rich in plants makes people more creative, more productive and reduces stress. Certain plants also help regulate the humidity of the air and remove traces of toxins. Plants are good for people. That's why the goal of Pikaplant, an innovative company from the Netherlands, is to help you take care of healthy plants, everywhere.

The history of Pikaplant

Originally from the Netherlands, the Pikaplant brand offers innovative and fun solutions to take care of its plants while bringing an additional touch of decoration to its interior.

With its creations, Pikaplant reinvents the cultivation of plants to integrate it into a designer interior, and an increasingly rapid life. Its independent greenhouses, for example, allow you to have a plant at home (coffee tree, calathea, palm tree, etc.) that will never need to be watered. Thanks to an ingenious system, designed from a sealed glass jar, the water present inside is constantly recycled by the plant, which allows it to develop in perfect autonomy. Thus sealed, it also becomes a unique design object of its kind, which will dress up the bright spaces of your home with originality. And if you are looking for the perfect gift combining innovation and aesthetics, you will inevitably find what you are looking for among the different autonomous plants offered by Pikaplant. These, much more than aesthetic, are a real invitation to travel that will seduce and amaze young and old.

Rethinking interior design to integrate nature

Pikaplant also means rethinking interior design to be able to include green elements that will liven up the whole. Thus, the brand offers a unique piece of furniture: the One vertical garden. This one, designed for the interior and designed in glass and steel, has the particularity of imitating the natural cycle of underground water, which makes it possible to perfectly irrigate the plants, so that they do not lose nor of their beauty or their liveliness. Well thought out, this vertical garden works without electricity, thus limiting energy consumption as much as possible.

Inspired by modern and design, this piece of furniture is a still little-known essential for big plant lovers. It will also be able to perfectly highlight a meeting place, such as a café, a lobby or an open space. Thanks to its imposing stature, this real green wall can also play the role of separation, between offices, rooms, or to structure a veranda. Innovative furniture, a true creator of space, is the witness of the mission that Pikaplant has given itself: to bring green into everyone's life, for a more beautiful and inspiring daily life.

Responsible and ethical plant creations

Doing much more than offering an innovative concept, Pikaplant carefully chooses the species cultivated in its astonishing greenhouses. Chamaedorea palms come from Mexico and Guatemala, Calathea concinna from South America, and Coffea Arabica (coffee) from Ethiopia. All plants are cultivated in the Netherlands, respecting the standards for sustainable horticulture. The brand works in particular with VDE, which has received the MPS-A label, which certifies that good practices have been put in place for the protection and preservation of the environment, taking into account a global benchmark. Opting for stand-alone plants from Pikaplant is therefore also choosing to support those who, every day, work for sustainable and respectful horticulture.

Inspired by nature, the brand commits, with each new sale, to plant a tree to help the forests grow. Committed to Eden Reforestation Projects, the brand aims to plant a million trees by 2025.

Choosing Pikaplant therefore means committing to and with a brand that, on a daily basis, makes life greener and encourages respectful and responsible practices.

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