Created in 1981 in Itsasu, the ALKI brand offers sustainable and responsible furniture straight from the Basque Country. Discover these magnificent collections of chairs, stools, tables or even storage furniture!

Alki furniture, tradition at the heart of the brand

Created in 1981 in Itsasu, the ALKI brand offers furniture straight from the Basque Country. Founded on the initiative of 5 friends, the company attaches great importance to the creation of traditional furniture by working with wood with highly appreciated French know-how. ALKI meaning “chair” in the Basque language, the company specializes in the manufacture of chairs but is gradually opening up to the world of furniture by creating sofas, coffee tables or even desks.

The company has been innovating for 40 years now, and since 2005, the company has collaborated with industrial designer Jean Louis Iratzoki to open up to new markets. This collaboration made it possible to create unique and contemporary collections, they marked a turning point in the history of the brand without erasing its roots. Subsequently, other collections will come from collaboration with designers such as Samuel Accoceberry or Patrick Norguet, the latter will lead the ALKI brand to the top. On the strength of its values, Alki has established itself today as a reference in contemporary furniture in France.

A recognized and committed brand

At ALKI, we emphasize the importance of sustainable and reasoned development, which is why the wood used is oak wood, a noble, robust and durable material. The wood used is French, mainly sourced from the west or southwest of France to ensure the quality of the oak and its performance. The wood is harvested in the regions of Touraine and Anjou, or near Châteaubriand. The wood can also be bought around Nantes, Rennes but also in Burgundy, Meuse and Ardennes where the wood is of very good quality. The wood used is selected according to several criteria, guarantees of quality: it is 120 to 150 years old, 6.50 meters high, and 60 to 70 centimeters in diameter.

Once harvested and then purchased by a specialized company, the wood must be dried, this stage being long and delicate, two years are required to obtain a stable wood and ready for use. The wood will then have to be sawn and then sold to the company that will work it.

The work and transformation of wood is done in the workshops. These represent the diversity of the company, combining manual and industrial work, generations and trades merge to create a product of French quality and sustainable. Engineers, cabinet makers, carpenters, sculptors, varnishers or upholsterers, all these trades are associated with new technologies in order to manufacture a product with a contemporary design with natural materials.

It is thanks to all this that the brand exports today all over the world. It equips a large number of contemporary homes as well as renowned head offices such as Quiksilver, Caudalie or the Louis Vuitton Foundation, not to mention great restaurants.

Values anchored in each collection

The values at ALKI are not simple objectives, but indeed realities. These are the guidelines for the manufacture of ALKI products, another symbol reflecting the quality of the products offered.

Memory of the past: "Because they were we are, because we are they will be". This sentence, the ALKI brand considers it as a pillar of the company. It reflects the identity of the brand and the importance of its roots in finding meaning in its future.

Cooperative culture: the importance of an economically and humanly stable company is essential at ALKI, as is the blind trust between all the partners of the cooperative.

Wood: "Sustainable development is not an option, it is the only way to the future", this sentence reflects the importance, in the eyes of the company, of choosing oak, a noble French material. , at the heart of its products. It is also a perfect representation of ALKI's desire to root its products in a sustainable and reasoned development approach.

Know-How: the ALKI company attaches great importance to know-how, technique and the diversification of trades. Since its creation, the company has never ceased to combine different experiences and professions in order to create products shaped and experienced by all and with delicacy.

Design: at ALKI, the search for design is not synonymous with originality but rather with a relationship, a relationship that is built with the object, but also with its use and its image. "There is something special about the essential", ALKI's desire is to offer design and contemporary products without erasing the root of the latter.

The Commitment: "Made in the Basque country". The real trademark of ALKI, born from the desire to make the artisans of the region work nearby and by offering job offers and wealth for the Basque Country.

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