Karup Design

By offering products that combine functionality, aesthetics and quality, Karup Design is a brand that plays on several fronts. “Making room for more”: here is the mantra of this brand which is committed to simplifying our lives in the most beautiful way.

A strong value proposition

The Danish company wants to offer its consumers products with high value. For this, it relies on several elements that make the strength of the brand. With its Japandi style, Karup Design approaches furniture from a unique angle. The Japandi corresponds to the alliance between two very compatible and complementary styles of decoration: the Japanese style and the Scandinavian style. These two styles of decoration go together perfectly since they are both characterized by clean lines, a zen atmosphere created by neutral and soothing tones, natural materials and great functionality.

If the brand offers many very attractive products, there is one product that stands out from the others: the futon sofa bed. The futon mattress is a minimalist, functional and comfortable Japanese mattress. Indeed, its ability to roll up and unroll saves space in your interior. By combining this mattress with a bed frame, William Brouwer created what would later become Karup Design's star product. The futon sofa bed is therefore an excellent ambassador of the brand and what it represents. Indeed, each product of the brand has at least two functions. Thus, a sofa can become a bed and a chaise longue, a single sofa can become a corner sofa… The combinations are numerous and endless. The brand's offer is very diversified. Karup Design offers sofa beds but also beds, futon mattresses, storage furniture, chairs, Japanese furniture, outdoor furniture and children's furniture.

To offer ever more creative and sophisticated products, the brand collaborates with several designers. For example, the Says Who team brings its expertise in industrial design and its great creativity, or STEFFENSEN & WÜRTZ who bring their functional vision of design.

A convinced and committed team

As you will have understood, Karup Design is a company that wants to make beautiful, practical and versatile. The company also considers the impact that its activity has on its environment. She applies the mantra "always makes sense" on several points.

The choice of materials is not left to chance. Indeed, it is with FSC certified wood that the furniture is made. This wood is sourced in Sweden, Finland and Estonia, thus guaranteeing the responsible exploitation of the forests. The company also uses water-based varnishes for wood. Also, the stuffing of sofas and futons is made up of waste from the textile industry. In terms of carbon emissions, they make it a point of honor to reduce them by optimizing their products for transport and developing their logistics network.

The human also occupies a major place within Karup Design. This is reflected through the company's commitments. Karup Design's project is to develop a mattress for homeless people. This mattress called “Bed in Bag” will be a donation made by the company. The company also plans to donate furniture to young people who cannot afford to furnish their apartments, through partnerships with specialized institutions.

Karup Design at home

Karup Design is therefore guided by a responsible vision and a qualified team to bring you unique and very well thought out products. The company therefore appeals to the desire for modernity, simplicity and good taste of urban populations in search of space and harmony within their interiors. Of course, their unique products aren't just for one audience. Choosing Karup Design means inviting elegance and good taste into your home, without overdoing it.

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