Bloomingville is a Danish company that creates and designs designer furniture and accessories, inspired by the Nordic lifestyle. With 20 years of experience in this field, the brand is now exported worldwide and presents rich collections that evolve with the seasons.

Committed to environmental and social issues, Bloomingville makes it a point of honor to improve the lives of its employees every day and to minimize its impact on the environment, to offer us the best of interior design.

An inspiring company recognized worldwide

Founded in 2000 by Betina Stampe, accompanied by her husband Simon Stampe, Bloomingville offers creations inspired by the Nordic lifestyle. Today internationally recognized, the brand is today a staple of decoration, and offers a wide choice of furniture and accessories to bring an original touch to your interior.

Since 2014, Bloomingville has been part of Regent Holding which, on a global level, imagines and sells creations dedicated to interior design. The brand then developed in the United States and quickly established itself as a multi-brand house, which brings together the main brand and its three little sisters, which offer products ranging from interior perfumes to children's furniture. With the appearance of 4 collections per year, Bloomingville is constantly reinventing the interior design and adapting it to the rhythm of the seasons, offering innovative and current creations at each new occasion. Sensitive to the beauty of each home and the moments shared there, the brand illuminates the end of year celebrations every year with a Christmas collection with bright and warm touches.

Current and unique collections

With its unique collection of furniture and accessories, Bloomingville aims to reinvent interior decoration. The brand favors natural materials, such as rattan, jute or terracotta. This choice of materials gives the collections a timeless air, they bring nature to the interior of the home and a touch of freshness to the decoration. Indispensable for a comfortable interior, the fabric is also in the spotlight, and incorporated into comfortable and elegant armchairs with welcoming curves and innovative design. There are also discreet additions of metallic touches, which bring life and modernity to your interior.

Natural materials are worked to keep a raw, manufactured, human aspect. The brand takes pleasure in presenting the various elements that make up the furniture as they really are, without any additions that no longer reveal their true essence. Only funny details remain, such as rows of seashells or a handle covered with a thin leather strap, give each piece of furniture and each object a unique character. Others, like the sets of wall baskets, will amaze you both by their use and by the detail of their finishes. From ethnic patterns to organic and innovative shapes, Bloomingville accompanies you from the bedroom to the living room, in all your everyday moments.

A daily commitment to make the world a better place

Throughout the year, Bloomingville makes every effort to imagine and design furniture and accessories to embellish every moment. But the brand does not stop there.

Bloomingville also means working for a better world. The company is committed and inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that it sets an example in every day-to-day action. To do this, it ensures the well-being of its employees, at the brand's head office as well as with its partners, and does everything in its power to guarantee everyone a healthy and pleasant workspace.

The brand is also committed to the environmental level, by placing this variable at the very heart of its creation process. Bloomingville's goal is to be able, from start to finish, to minimize its environmental impact through short and long term actions. The brand's actions are currently focused on packaging, products offered and freight. To prove its commitment, Bloomingville also wishes to turn to certifications, a real guarantee of quality and honesty. For the company, the watchword is compliance, and there is no substitute for things well done and transparency.

Choosing Bloomingville therefore means committing to a brand that, going beyond aesthetics, works daily to inspire and raise awareness about these small everyday actions that make the world a better place.

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