EO is a Danish brand of contemporary design whose ambition is to create iconic and timeless pieces for children. The brand believes in harmony and freedom of mind, and seeks to design genuine, quality products that defy conventional thinking. Each product is meticulously created with highly skilled craftsmanship. The brand collaborates with innovative and independent designers around the world and believes in strong relationships with the end users of the products.

The story of Elements Optimal

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2013, Newly EO Elements Optimal is the work of Nicole and Tor Vitner Servé. The brand, through designer and sophisticated creations, showcases independent designers from around the world.

With simple lines, clean and contemporary designs, EO revisits children's furniture in its own way. The brand offers a wide range of furniture and accessories for children's rooms, in soft colors and fun shapes.

To ensure the durability of its products, EO emphasizes timeless, high-quality designs made with certified materials. Investing in a creation signed EO is therefore choosing creations designed to last, and to accompany you over the long term in all your everyday moments. Even in that of future generations.
The brand therefore offers furniture and accessories for children unlike anything seen elsewhere. From animal-inspired seats to plush toys made of soft and resistant materials, everything is designed to satisfy the desires of children as well as the needs of parents.

EO, a brand close to its designers and families

Thanks to the relationships that the brand maintains with designers from all over the world, EO gives an extraordinary cachet to its creations. The brand relies on timeless designs, with clean and surprising shapes, to be able to dress up any child's room.

EO has many partners. Whether they are architects, freelancers, resellers, designers, brand employees or even consumers, everyone has their say and a role to play. To guarantee quality products, EO surrounds itself with talented designers who, thanks to their limitless imagination or their own know-how, will help give life to unique and sustainable products.

Among the many spirits who give life to the brand's creations, many French designers from different backgrounds, each of whom brings a touch of their own. This is the case, for example, of Joachim Jirou-Najou, Marc Venot, Helkarava, or the TWICE and AC / AL studios, or Les Graphiquants. Likewise, EO showcases artists with multiple inspirations from all over the world, to give its collections unique accents.

Innovative and timeless children's furniture, which finds its place and its roots in the four corners of the world

EO also shows its willingness to change, on its own scale, our relationship to the world with its products. Promoted around the world in numerous design fairs and in several museums, children's objects and furniture by EO are also found in public places such as hotels and restaurants. For example, the Four Seasons (Quatre Saisons) hotel in Mégève, in the French Alps, accommodates Bambi, Sheep and Elephant chairs, and Elephant tables. Matched, these pieces of furniture are perfectly included in the warm and rustic atmosphere of the place. Likewise, the Elephant chair has been incorporated into the soft and welcoming decoration of the white + the bear children's restaurant in Dubai. Another opportunity for the brand to present to the world creations which, whatever the decoration, combine aesthetics, modernity and efficiency.

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