Live to the rhythm of the wonderful HKliving collections, both original and authentic, and balance between exoticism and modernity. Discover the largest HKliving selection on the web on Moodntone!

The history of HKliving

In 2002, Emiel Hetsen was a professional antique buyer, sourcing worldwide to breathe new life into unique decorative items. It was in 2008 that Emiel contacted his childhood friend Sander Klaver, who worked in international trade, to help him set up production in Asia and thus offer more options to his customers. This collaboration between two childhood friends was at the origin of a fabulous story, that of HKliving.

Exotic and eclectic collections

For more than 10 years, HKliving has offered a magnificent selection of furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs, coffee tables, dressers and cabinets), lighting (suspensions, table lamps), decorative objects (vases, cushions, rugs or even wall decorations) but also a wide choice of tableware (plates, cups and bowls) mainly in ceramic and handcrafted. The HKliving brand, a Dutch eco-responsible decoration brand will not fail to make you travel with its furniture and decorative objects inspired by the past, Asian culture or the Tropics, with a pretty eclectic touch and handcrafted manufacture. To create this warm atmosphere, HKliving likes to use natural materials such as rattan, mango wood, teak, bamboo, cotton or linen, which will bring a holiday feel to your interior. Who would not fall in love with the Jungle wall decoration , natural wicker ball pendant lights or rattan stools , real bestsellers of the ethical furniture brand? Authentic and original collections associated with accessible prices, this is the challenge that HKliving has successfully taken up. Discover the largest online selection of HKliving creations on Moodntone!

Natural materials: the secret of HKliving furniture

If the handcrafted brand appeals to us so much, it's partly for its warmth! And how, the brand takes us into its almost voluptuous universe, both naturally elegant and colorful to perfection. A real pleasure for the eyes and the touch. Natural materials are indeed at the rendezvous at this eco-responsible decoration brand. We find natural wicker, wood, rattan, bamboo ... Everything to please and bring to your rooms brightness and cocooning. Back to basics guaranteed with HKliving furniture! Another advantage of the natural materials offered by this ethical furniture brand: their neutral color, which adapts to all styles. Rattan in a tropical atmosphere, baskets and stools in wood and straw to highlight ethnic crafts, woolen throws and rugs or raw wood in a rustic setting. In addition to being really pretty to look at and ultra elegant, natural materials are easy to live with in our interiors! HKliving therefore has all the good decorative aspects, an artisanal production combining aesthetics and pleasure of the senses, while respecting the environment.

Faded colors ... see you in the past!

What we love about HKliving: the Scandinavian spirit of their decorative objects with their pastel tones, the Asian touch of their furniture and the vintage note of the 70s of their ceramic in faded pink and blue colors. Each room easily finds its place in our homes, by creating a designer and mastered decoration for our greatest happiness. Like natural materials, pastel colors in decoration are very interesting because they go perfectly with a lot of styles. We soften a room with our decorative objects from the HKliving brand, we refresh an atmosphere with a sea green. In short, we use and abuse these elegant and pleasant colors to look at in a neutral or more colorful style. Regardless, the HKliving furniture remains subtle!

Eclectic in touches for the pleasure of the senses

If the eclectic is quite difficult to obtain in decoration, the HKliving brand is a clever mix. The eco-responsible decoration brand indeed knows how to borrow different genres, categories or trends to create a very successful rendering! If you like objects that are neither contemporary nor quite old-fashioned either, then choose an intermediate style in terms of decoration! Precisely, it is timely, the decoration of the HKliving brand presents an "eclectic everyday style". This style in high demand in decoration uses objects that are not too different from each other in color contrast and gender. The everyday eclectic style offered by HKliving furniture or HKliving decorative objects is more subtle than the other eclectic versions. Framed objects may have a certain dissimilarity in content and style for example, but they are deployed with such consistency that they seem to be made to all fit together ...

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