Soak up the 1950s seaside atmosphere of the Honoré Déco brand. An authentic and timeless brand to discover absolutely!

Honoré's story

Honoré is a French furniture and decorative objects publishing house. This great name in French decoration draws its inspiration from the sea and the southern sun. Through their various emblematic collections, Annick Lestrohan and her daughter Ingrid Giribone combine raw materials such as metal, cotton, rope, ceramics, or even wood, with furniture or objects with minimalist, clean and modern lines. Created in 1985 in Marseille, Annick Lestrohan started out by creating clothes for children, then added bed linen to her collection to finally move towards furniture and decorative objects. Mother and daughter love to innovate and this is reflected in their creations since from one season to another the collections follow one another but are not alike.

Annick also draws her inspiration from her Marseille apartment which was not a favorite when it was purchased, quite the contrary. She was able to make this apartment, not to her liking, a challenge to take up. It also inspired him a lot for the creations of Honoré. When she creates pieces for Honoré, it is often the fruit of an idea matured by investing a place, a room, trying to make it unique and convivial. Indeed, this mother and grandmother of 15 grandchildren tries to create in her spaces little corners of life where it is easy to meet, share, dine and laugh. She draws her inspiration from Spain and the South. Quite surprisingly, she likes white, black and quite dark colors in general. She prefers to bring touches of color only in small doses, always favoring raw materials. She also really enjoys hunting and finding unique pieces that make her apartment unique, without fixed lines but surprising. All his personality traits and his attractions are felt directly in the Honoré creations which are the result of artisanal work, thoughtful and straight from the south of France.

Must-have collections that smell like the sun

Honoré transports us through ethnic, trendy and original collections. All products are handcrafted by Moroccan artisans. The brand celebrates the art of living of the South and its legendary relaxation and presents us with warm, unique and singular creations. The famous Croisette armchair, undeniably the brand's best-seller, takes us straight to the French Riviera. Its structure is made of tin, black, gold, brown or even red, it has soft cotton or velvet cushions and natural wood armrests. Treat yourself to the luxury of inviting the southern sun into your living room. Honoré also offers a large collection of both ethnic and contemporary lamps in rope, ceramic and raffia, perfect for decorating your living space in an exotic and elegant style. Discover a nice selection of Honoré products on Moodntone!

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