Ooh Noo

Created by a mother who wanted to offer the best of interior design to her child, Ooh Noo offers high quality furniture, accessories and toys for children, and with an aesthetic all their own. Designed and handcrafted in the European Union, Ooh Noo's creations come to life thanks to noble and durable materials, which will ensure their long-term hold.

The story of Ooh Noo

The Ooh Noo adventure began a few years ago when the main designer of the brand, then a very young mother, sought to decorate her child's room with minimalist and natural design objects. Finding with difficulty products that suit her, she decides to create these objects herself in order to be completely satisfied. The adventure does not end there because Ooh Noo is growing little by little while maintaining the same values as since its creation. Today, the brand is present all over the world. Ooh Noo, while evolving, keeps rooted in her its desire to design sustainable products from natural and ethical materials. These, designed in soft colors (white, beige, pastel colors), stimulate the imagination and help create a warm and unique play world for children.

Ooh Noo products are made in the most sustainable way possible in the European Union. The objects are designed to be durable, they are tested by the brand's families before being put on sale. This test is crucial because it allows the brand's various products and toys to be tested under conditions similar to those of their actual use by families. If the creations are resistant enough and are approved by the families, they are added to the new collections of Ooh Noo.

Minimalist collections for a welcoming and creative children's room

The collections signed Ooh Noo consist mainly of furniture and accessories for children's rooms, which invite play while elegantly dressing the space. By focusing on the use of natural and sustainable materials, the brand aims to help parents build an environment of their own for their child. Opting for a minimalist approach, Ooh Noo offers a minimalist line, with soft and elegant furniture, accessories and toys. This choice allows them to offer creations that will fit perfectly into your child's bedroom or playroom, whatever the atmosphere and the decorating style of this environment. Ooh Noo also wants to help the child to flourish in all his moments of play, with quality materials and shapes that stimulate the imagination, which will allow you to create beautiful memories of moments spent with the family.

Rewarded by the Red Dot Design Award for some, Ooh Noo products are the result of real research for optimal functionality and aesthetics. The use of natural materials, and the choice to be inspired by contemporary and minimalist designs, allow to give the toys this decorative and aesthetic side, even when they are spread out on the floor of your child's room, or scattered around. around the house.

A sensitive and responsible brand

Responsible brand, Ooh Noo uses sustainable and carefully chosen materials, so that its creations can accompany your child in the long term. A guarantee of trust, Ooh Noo products are designed to last, or even have several owners during their long life. All of the brand's products are designed in the European Union. It is also here that creations come to life, hand-crafted by a small group of designers and producers. Responding, through the products it offers, to the demands and demands of families, Ooh Noo is constantly developing to satisfy young and old.

Handcrafted, the products combine playful shapes and natural materials to delight children and parents alike. The goal is to be able to create a child's room with minimalist atmospheres combining aesthetics, functionality and durability.

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