Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals is a primarily innovative carpet brand that offers a wide range of 100% machine washable, hand-woven and eco-friendly rugs. Discover on Moodntone the ranges of 100% Washable cotton and 100% Woolable wool rugs by Lorena Canals.

Lorena Canals, an innovative brand

Created in 1990, Lorena Canals designs a large collection of 100% cotton rugs which have the particularity of being very practical because they are all machine washable. The brand also offers a range of cushions and ottomans that will easily find their place in your bedroom or living room. The rugs and accessories are available in various patterns, colors and sizes, making them easy to integrate into any interior. The brand's story began when the founder asked herself the question: Why can't we wash our children's rugs at home? Having no suitable solution on the market, she began to manufacture her own rugs. Although initially intended for children, Lorena Canals rugs also delight adults!

More than just rugs, a real ethical dimension

Starting from the best raw materials with socially responsible working practices, Lorena Canals collaborates with more than 170 artisans in India who take care of every detail during the hand weaving process carried out in northern India using ancestral techniques. For this reason, rugs are unique and original: you will not find two alike in the world. Innovative brand, Lorena Canals now offers a pretty collection of 100% wool rugs, handcrafted and eco-friendly: Woolable by Lorena Canals. Practical rugs, fully machine washable, and with non-toxic dyes perfect for your interior decoration!

A committed brand

For several years now, Lorena Canals has wanted to contribute to the humanitarian cause in India. This project was born in 2008 after a trip made by the designer to India, in search of inspiration for new carpet collections. After a sad discovery about the living conditions of children, and in particular school insecurity, Lorena Canals leaves with the firm conviction that she must bring change on her scale. The first step in this commitment: the construction of a nursery in northern India. This is how more than 120 children are now welcomed there and can receive food, education and care. Lorena Canals has also been working for several years with the Baba Jodh Sachiar Public School within the framework of the Sakûla Project. Thus, part of the profits from the Lorena Canals collections are donated to finance the education of Indian students. The school, which has 25 teachers, draws its resources exclusively from its precious gifts in order to educate no less than 450 children. Lorena Canals pushes her commitment even further by dedicating one of her washable carpet collections to all these children. Six references from the Mix Collection are named after children who have had the chance to access education through this aid program: Ritika, RamLal, Daksh, Aarty, Nancy and Arian. The lives of all these children have taken a new turn thanks to all the people who bought a Lorena Canals rug. A purchased rug equals a smile on the face of an Indian child.

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