Since 2009, Emko offers a wide choice of furniture and accessories in natural and sustainable materials that will fit easily into your interior. Discover now all the eco-responsible creations of the Lithuanian brand!

Emko: sustainability mixed with diversity

The EMKO company specializes in the design of home furniture and accessories. Based in Lithuania, this company draws on the craft traditions of the Baltic mixing three cultural spaces which are the Scandinavian North, Eastern Russia and Western Europe.

The brand is based on values of responsibility and modernity in order to correspond to a large audience. The clients targeted by Emko are quite diverse, ranging from artists with a creative mind who want to adapt their workspace, to dynamic professionals who want to bring a touch of contemporaneity to their workspace. Emko's desire is nonetheless the same towards all of its customers: to transform their interior into a space that is faithful to their good life and to their personal satisfaction.

The key to success is often the universality of their products and the simple beauty that results from their creations, thus generating well-being and tranquility. This, regardless of the room in which the chosen furniture will be placed.

The company guarantees a lasting quality over the years and an authenticity for their products, by the use of the method of craftsmanship and the choice of high-end materials. This is why choosing Emko is choosing continuous profitable long-term satisfaction and has been doing so for years.

The Scandinavian model: the birth of Emko

It was in 2009 that the company Emko was born. Founded by Erika Markovska-Mikulskienė, the brand has always inspired its designs in the Lithuanian style. But after meeting designer Inesa Malafej, the brand took a whole new turn. The rather surprising anecdote lies in the context of the unification of the two creative minds: the young Inesa Malafej, then a student, had for objective to carry out a university project. By meeting in this specific context, the two women jointly developed the concept of the “My Writing Desk” which will then be the project presented to the young designer's university.

A few years later, the project was a great success and even became a bestseller. He won two prizes: in 2012 the IF concept prize, a prize awarded to the most beautiful projects of designers, innovative products or interior styling, all accompanied by high quality communication, and in 2014 the Red Dot prize, international product design and communication design prize awarded by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. The company has continued to evolve since then, and has expanded to sell its products in different countries. Today it sells its products in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Emko's design strategy

To design its pieces, the brand brings together several young designers eager for modernism and novelty, each motivated to design, manufacture and market contemporary furniture. Emko's design teams transform materials such as metal, wood, textiles or glass into various objects ranging from carpets to lighting objects, including interior furniture such as armchairs. The mixture of knowledge and ideas specific to each creator gives a fabulous result, while keeping a certain simplicity in the products.

We are talking about everyday furniture such as chairs, sofas or even candles which nevertheless have their own attributes and characteristics. Being in a furniture market like this allows the brand to remain present alongside its customers in everyday life and in the long term, in addition to the quality and reliability of the products over time, already. previously mentioned. It is in the composition and in the finishes that Emko sets itself apart from its competitors, making its creations fun and natural products, synonymous with inspiration for its owners. Even as they age, their products age with charm. The goal of Emko is to accompany you, even with the passage of time.

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