Since 2016, Kulile has been offering personalized children's furniture designed to order. Aiming to make each child's room a colorful universe in which it can flourish and grow, the brand has its tailor-made creations made in a dedicated workshop in Portugal. Kulile is also committed to reforestation in France, and adopts a production method that minimizes its stocks and the waste associated with the production of its models.

From Mozambique to Portugal, a design brand that listens to its customers

Founded in 2016, Kulile offers a wide choice of customizable designer furniture with modern and colorful inspirations. Based in Portugal, it is there that the brand manufactures its models, in a dedicated factory. Each piece of furniture is designed on demand and can be personalized: model, wood, structure, colors, the choice is yours. This method of construction and consumption makes it possible to limit as much as possible the creation of waste during and after manufacture, and to obtain a unique piece of furniture adapted to your needs and desires.

Kulile (pronounced “Koulilé”) is a word which, in Changane (a dialect of Mozambique), means “a person who grows up”. This name is like a nod to this country, Mozambique, which saw the birth of Kulile. The history of the brand begins when Marion Descottes settles there and offers to tailor-made rooms for children. Attentive to the needs of her customers, she multiplies the combinations in order to create, for each child, a universe that resembles her, colorful and unique in its kind.

Made-to-measure and quality furniture

Located in Portugal, Kulile's unique design workshop has its place in the region renowned for the manufacture of quality furniture in which it is installed. The furniture is made from wood veneers, all from sustainably managed forests. Hand painted, they are exclusively made in the workshop, on request, for Kulile. Imagined by the founder, Marion Descottes, each model is unique and designed for the needs that emerge from each order. Once completed, the furniture is delivered directly to your home, already assembled and easier and faster to install. Designed to be used by children, the furniture is modular and adapts perfectly to small spaces.

Kulile aims to offer each piece of furniture with a simple design and to guarantee its quality. Thus, the brand honors timeless creations whose durability equals symbolic value. Indeed, supporting Kulile also means committing to an alternative mode of production and consumption. Wishing to reduce its supply chain as much as possible, to increase transparency, Kulile exclusively produces its models in its dedicated factory in Portugal and does not source from other manufacturers.

Kulile, a committed and unique brand

Kulile is also a member of “1% FOR THE PLANET”. The brand donates 1% of its turnover to the “Cœur de Forêts” association, committed to reforestation in France. This is a way for the company to work for the good performance of wooded areas welcoming biodiversity, while continuing its activity. This also makes it possible to drastically reduce energy losses, stocks and waste, because the models are manufactured on demand. Kulile therefore works in its own way for a more respectful alternative consumption, by producing models that are not standardized as on the market, but produced in a responsible and sustainable manner. The stocks are therefore very low, the costs lower and the service all the more qualitative.

For the manufacture and delivery of its furniture, Kulile expects a period of approximately 8 weeks (which may be slightly extended depending on the delivery address). The furniture is also already assembled when delivered, so you can quickly integrate it into the decor of your child's bedroom or playroom. The brand therefore has nothing to envy others, and has found its rhythm to be able to offer high quality personalized furniture throughout the year.

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