String Furniture

String Furniture offers functional and affordable furniture with elegant Scandinavian design. Their String shelving system appeals to many homes, why not yours? Come and discover a wide selection of String Furniture products now on Moodntone!

A combination of circumstances

String Furniture is a Scandinavian design brand created in 1949, launched following a competition organized by a major Swedish publisher. Indeed, the Bonnier publishing house had come to the realization that the Swedes did not have a library at home, which did not facilitate the sale of books. The aim of the competition was therefore to encourage furniture designers to develop a shelf that meets certain criteria: being affordable, easy to transport and to assemble. The String shelving system, designed by Nils Strinning, meeting all these requirements, won this competition hands down, thus propelling the brand to the forefront. After this victory, the brand experienced a rise and very quickly established itself as a common furniture brand in Swedish homes of the 1950s. Their success was such that many of their products were installed in the offices of the head office of the UN in New York. The brand has experienced a few slumps, but as a real force of creativity it has been able to reinvent itself. In 2004, the year of this revival, the shelving system took the form we know it today. It was finally classified as a work of art in 2009. Since then, the brand has continued to assert its position: in 2020, it won the “Furniture Supplier of the Year” award.

The String shelf, the one you can't do without!

As surprising as it may seem, his bestseller, the String System shelf, has established itself as a design classic. It is also the best-selling Scandinavian furniture in Germany in the 50s / 60s, in particular thanks to its great modularity, its simplicity combined with its lightness and its aesthetics. Even today, the String shelf is still made in Sweden with great concern for quality. Its design has remained unchanged since 1949 and has been able to adapt to new contemporary habitats. This innovative system consists of completely removable shelves which allow it to be completely modular. Let your creativity express itself and transform the String shelving system according to your desires and needs. Its lightness, mobility, minimalist and timeless design have made it a great classic of Swedish and Scandinavian design. The String range was subsequently expanded with elegant creations, new, more up-to-date colors and modern materials such as plexiglass. It is now your turn to enter the legend of Scandinavian design, by furnishing your interior with String Furniture. Start for example with the desks which it is impossible to find more beautiful and more functional than those of the brand, as the latter advocates loud and clear. Over time, new collections have emerged at String Furniture: Works by String Furniture and Museum ™ by String Furniture. The Works assortment was designed by Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström. It was born from the desire to design ergonomic and functional workspaces.

A responsible Scandinavian brand

In 2017, they implemented product certification processes according to the Möbelfakta standard. This certification targets three key criteria: quality, environment, and social responsibility. This long and costly process is now approved on a large assortment of products. In addition to this certification, the products created by String Furniture must meet five criteria: form, function, quality, fair price and durability. All these requirements guarantee you a very good quality while respecting strict standards in terms of social and environmental responsibility. It is important for the brand to offer its customers aesthetic products without forcing them to make a choice between style and durability.

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