Breathtaking functionality, aesthetics and singular simplicity: these are the words that could be used to describe the Gazzda brand. Beds, nightstands, chairs, desks, storage ... each of their products is carefully thought out to help you make your home a place you won't want to leave.

Gazzda, a story of passion and enthusiasts

It was in 2013 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a region cradled by craftsmanship and the production of furniture, that the Gazzda brand was born. Driven by the passion and the know-how of its craftsmen and designers, the brand now offers a wide range of products: beds, desks, tables, storage, chairs ... Their primary mission is to create breathtaking products in focusing on three aspects: lightness, softness and natural appearance. The important thing is to create pieces with a minimalist appearance, with soft and fine curves, using natural materials such as oak, cotton or wool, to bring a touch of nature and a feeling of well-being. be in your living spaces.

Behind the Gazzda brand are designers with fairy fingers: Salih Teskeredzic & Mustafa Cohadzic. Their passion is seen and felt in each of the products! It is not for nothing that the brand has a large list of awards. Salih is bursting with energy: passion and emotion guide each of his designs. Its goal is simple and noble: to create products that people will truly and completely love. Driven on a daily basis by his passion for wood and his love of nature, he is the very reason why all the materials used in the production process are natural. Much more than an enthusiast, he now teaches his know-how to the young generation. Mustafa, meanwhile, draws his love of design from his roots: coming from a family of craftsmen, this estate knows him well. He designed his first piece for Gazzda in 2016. For him, the most important thing to designate furniture is to combine functionality, aesthetics and breathtaking simplicity.

An inspiring nature to be preserved

Salih and Mustafa draw their inspiration from the nature around them. And in this area, they are served: the natural beauty of Bosnia, where the brand is established, is breathtaking. This country of incredible landscapes is full of wonders: the Neretva river and the Kravice waterfalls, in particular. Not to mention the many lakes, forests and mountains around: a breathtaking landscape. In terms of inspiration, nature never disappoints them.

For Gazzda the environmental dimension is essential. This nature which continually dazzles us with its beauty, its functioning and its mysteries, must absolutely be protected. They therefore ensure that all the wood used for production comes only from sustainable forests and FSC-C130702 certified, a label that they are proud to be able to affix on each of their products. It is essential for the brand to preserve and protect the forests that surround them as well as possible, and they make it a personal mission: the forests that surround the city of Sarajevo are home to more than half of the world's species. These same forests provide us with oxygen and we depend on their woods for a lot of things. Gazzda is particularly interested in materials such as oak: worked it is a spectacular wood, in addition to being sustainable and biodegradable. Nature therefore offers them a lot and the members of Gazzda intend to give it back.

If the brand is proud to help each of their customers to make their interiors a real warm home, Gazzda wants above all to ensure that they help in their own way to preserve our home to all: the Earth.

Turn your home into a real sanctuary with Gazzda

Since there is no better feeling than to come home and feel good there, Gazzda makes it his mission to help you in this task. In a world that constantly pushes us to speed up, we all need a sanctuary where we can meet to relax and rest. Gazzda accompanies you in your approach, by offering you a wide selection of elegant furniture to furnish your interior. The brand helps you create a home that looks like you, that makes you smile and where you will feel at ease.

Make yourself comfortable on the Fawn sofa, enjoy a meal in good company around the Stafa table, sit down to work on the simple and minimalist Ena desk,… With Gazzda pieces at home, you will be eager to come back to at home, take our word for it! Everything has been thought of so that you only have one thing left to do: enjoy it.

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