Vincent Sheppard

World number one in Lloyd loom furniture, a technique where kraft paper is wrapped around a metal wire, Vincent Sheppard has been designing ethical and responsible furniture collections since 1992, for indoors and outdoors.

Vincent Sheppard's story

It was in 1992 that the Belgian brand Vincent Sheppard was born, with the main ambition to preserve the traditional Lloyd Loom weaving technique, a weaving technique where kraft paper is wrapped around a metallic thread. The brand succeeds in breathing new life into this traditional craft technique by developing a first collection of furniture. Since 1992, the company has grown considerably, and offers an extensive collection of furniture and lighting for indoor and outdoor use made from sturdy and durable materials.

In addition to the famous Lloyd Loom weaving that was at the origin of the brand's genesis, many natural materials are found in its creations, such as rattan, oak and teak . In addition, their headquarters in Belgium are almost autonomous: solar energy is sufficient to cover the energy needs necessary for their production. In 2013, Vincent Sheppard also received the FSC ® label (Forest Support Council), an environmental label aimed at ensuring that the production of a wood-based product complies with procedures guaranteeing sustainable management. forests.

Vincent Sheppard's teams prioritize natural resources as much as possible for the manufacture of their furniture: recycling, cleaning wastewater and the use of ecological cleaning products are the requirements that the brand does not wish to derogate from. Vincent Sheppard is today the world leader in the production and distribution of Lloyd Loom furniture , their products are exported to more than 50 countries. This furniture has been so successful that it is not unlikely that you will come across some of their furniture in restaurants and hotels all over the world: Hong Kong, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Portugal, United Kingdom and many more. still others.

The Vincent Sheppard team

At Vincent Sheppard's, nearly 400 people, of all ages and from all origins, work together all over the world to provide quality furniture.

The city of Cirebon, located in the heart of Indonesia, is known for its rich tradition in weaving techniques. Vincent Sheppard's team became aware of this very early on by setting up a production site there in 1995, three years after the launch of their company. The brand has applied itself to controlling the design of the furniture as well as the entire production process by setting up its own production unit through this facility. Vincent Sheppard then became one of the few vertically integrated Lloyd Loom manufacturers. Today, the Cirebon factory is the brand's main production site, where all Lloyd Loom and rattan furniture is handcrafted with great care. All designs are directly imagined in Belgium.

Jos and Coralie, CEOs of the brand, say “We like to focus on what is important to our business: creating and manufacturing high quality furniture from natural and sustainable materials, with a unique look. We are proud to be the co-owners of a healthy brand, endowed with great values and such a fascinating history. ". A pride shared by all the members of the team, whether Belgian or Indonesian, the actors of the brand are happy to be able to contribute to the development of the brand and to its proper functioning.

Furniture and lighting collections for indoors and outdoors

All Vincent Sheppard creations are the result of teamwork that transcends borders. Lloyd Loom furniture is renowned for its strength and is easy to maintain . The entire range of interior furniture is designed to be comfortable and durable, while bringing a warm side to your interior that will not leave anyone indifferent!

We are happy to offer you on Moodntone the whole range of tables (Albert, Achille, Norbert), armchairs (Cruz Cocoon, Joe Cocoon, Alex, Wicked), chairs (Titus, Teo, Avril, Jack), sofas but also lighting . As elegant as they are designs, these products will sublimate your interior with the natural touch they will bring, combined with the well-being they offer, you will only be satisfied!

The Vincent Sheppard range of outdoor furniture consists of qualitative and sustainable creations that will bring elegance, optimal comfort, and character to your outdoor space. Along with the treated Lloyd Loom range, a range of synthetic furniture has also been designed to stay outdoors all year round.

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