Market Set

Created in 1970 in Bègles in Gironde, the Market Set brand manufactures and creates affordable lighting with a luxurious appearance. French know-how is anchored in each creation and each collection of the brand. The designers aim to break the codes of classic French lighting. For this, they create original, trendy and above all varied collections. Each collection is one of a kind.

Quickly discover all the Market Set creations, in particular the Singapore pendant light or the Screen cane pendant light , real bestsellers of the brand.

A brand that highlights two universes

Since June 2016, the brand has been taken over by the Corep Lighting group, this association has enabled Market Set to develop further internationally. Thanks to this new artistic direction and a new team made up of young designers and creators, the brand is getting a makeover and renewing itself. It landed a place in the world of high-end. This new team also decides to define the brand in two universes: the masculine universe and the feminine universe. The first is to create elegant designs by favoring materials like brass and marble , then declining them at will.

The idea here is to make luxury decorative and affordable. The desire to create lighting with geographic designs and graphic lines is the definition of this masculine side desired by the brand. The second universe, that of the feminine, is that of glamor, the balance between Hot and Cold, highlighting the seductive aspect of each product. The Cold corresponds to the appearance, the geometric shapes, the disproportionate sizes,… The Warm, for its part, is found in the materials, the gold and pearly colors, the reflections and the shadows, all these details which make a luminaire warm and cozy .

An assertive style

Market Set offers a very large choice of lighting , from table lamps to suspensions , including wall lights and chandeliers . Everything is thought out so that you can find the style that suits you, without forgetting the wide choice of shapes and colors at your disposal. You will be spoiled for choice ! From classic to the most original, each product is imagined by renowned designers to offer you quality products.

These creations will showcase your home with taste and elegance. The constant search for an aesthetic and efficient product is at the heart of product development at Market Set. It is also by following this perspective that the brand's designers are turning more and more towards more ecological lighting systems with, for example, LED technologies for their luminaires.

The lamps, suspensions, wall lights,… all the brand's products assert their chic and contemporary aspects with graphic lines and an airy design . The play of light and transparency will seduce you in an instant. The elegant and industrial visual of these lights make them both disproportionate but also subtly discreet, enough to succumb to this creative poetry.

Unique collections

Every six months, Market Set launches a new collection, making it a point of honor to offer products as elegant as the previous ones, and to offer lighting in the image of current trends.

The Screen collection is surely one of the brand's greatest successes. Recognizable for its spacious and characterful lighting, the collection is composed of pendant lights with industrial and contemporary designs that reflect the luxury spirit of the brand. Composed of 10 or 13 screens, 1 or 4 bulbs, in white or in cane,… all these possibilities to best adapt the suspension to your environment.

Inspired by the ancestral Japanese technique of Yakisugi, consisting of burning wood on the surface to protect it and make it last over time, this pendant lamp will perfectly find its place in the center of an entrance, above your dining room table. or even in a bedroom. In the same collection, this Screen pendant lamp was available as a wall light . Perfect for a narrow hallway, or above your bedside table, this smaller and discreet version, made up of one or two panels, will bring its design and modern touch to all your rooms.

The other flagship collection is obviously the Singapore collection . This collection with a poetic and luminous design is a real invitation to travel. Its lights are composed of a stack of three shades in washed linen and cane. This combination of natural materials gives a geometric and innovative spotlight on your interior. We find these suspensions, once again, in different shapes and colors to best suit the design of your room. This collection is precious and aesthetic, to delicately decorate your home in a dynamic and refined way.

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