Hola Colombia, vibrant Hola living. Aes mission is to develop furniture and home accessories touching the hearts and minds of people who love cosmopolitan lifestyles. The mixture of different cultural influences leads to modern and unconventional, multifunctional and versatile interior concepts.

Ames attaches the utmost importance to environmentally friendly production, using sustainable and natural materials. All products are made according to German or Colombian craft traditions, and will bring a colorful and original touch to your interior!

Ames, colorful and diverse designs

Colombia is a very rich and diverse territory, with its landscapes, its culture and its way of life. Ames wishes to highlight the know-how, very important for the peoples of the countries of South America, and to celebrate diversity, with creations as varied as they are authentic. More than just decorative objects, ames wishes to offer genuine manufactured accessories imbued with history and culture. They give the decoration a unique character, for an assertive ethnic and colorful style. The creations signed ames are imbued with this joie de vivre characteristic of Colombia.

South America is a place where the histories and cultures of many peoples intersect. From the Andes to the Amazon, Ana María Calderon Kayser takes us on a journey, through souls, to meet these cultures sometimes unknown in Europe. In addition, the territory has a number of museums and historical sites, which offer real cultural treasures to be seen. Inspiration is therefore not lacking, whether it comes from elsewhere, from nature as well as from men. Ames explores the contrasts between the big cities full of life and the hundred-year-old villages perched on top of the mountains, the brand exhibits these differences to reveal a heterochromic “whole”, born of a diversity that escapes us. Throughout Colombia, many small family businesses put their talent at the service of centuries-old traditions.

Some focus on the production of furniture or accessories by working exclusively with wool or by weaving, putting naturalness at the heart of their activity. Sensitive to the love creators have for these raw materials, ames honors them by giving them typical Colombian shapes and colors, and by incorporating them into the design process of modern and sustainable creations. Surrounded by Colombian artisans and designers from all walks of life, ames offers unique collections.

Colombian-inspired furniture with a strong identity

Fascinated for years by traditional know-how, Ana María Calderon Kayser, the founder, defines herself as a passionate collector. Since she was fifteen, she has known how to carry a deep interest in the production of functional objects and furniture with remarkable aesthetics. While a student, she lived for a year with a family that owned a furniture factory, based in Germany. An avid traveler, Ana María Calderon Kayser has lived in Germany since 2001, and in 2006 founded the ames brand there. His goal ? To think and give life to products capable of diffusing the Colombian joy of living. The result is warm creations with a strong personality, which will enhance any type of interior in their own way.

Today CEO of the brand, Ana María Calderon Kayser also puts all her heart and her imagination in the realization of the models proposed by ames. Initially offering furniture, the brand then modernized to accommodate, within its collections, textile pieces and accessories. The creations are inspired by organic shapes and Colombian know-how, returned to Germany using the latest technologies. The ames products are therefore the perfect compromise between modernity, sustainability, naturalness and tradition.

A responsible brand respectful of know-how

The creations signed ames are made according to ethical principles of resource conservation. The brand, as well as the designers and artisans, are committed to responsible production that respects the environment. They thus emphasize the use of natural and renewable materials, and guarantee total and transparent control of production. By choosing to base its production in Colombia, ames contributes to keeping know-how alive, and maintains relations of trust with artisans, working every day to improve their living conditions.

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