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Ambivalenz, a brand facing change

Ambivalenz is an innovative German brand founded in 2012. Change is perpetual in all areas, whether small or large. Cities are changing and therefore at the same time, the way of life as well. These demographic transformations inspired the brand. Indeed, living spaces are becoming smaller, and therefore more restrictive.
Furnishing your interior can quickly become a real headache since the space must be optimized to the maximum. But Ambivalenz wanted to show that it didn't have to be a chore and that decorating your living space in an elegant way was still possible. For this, the brand has thought about a way of creating designer and functional furniture in a space limited by urban constraints and has thus specialized in the creation of modern, flexible and mobile furniture.
The brand offers foldable furniture that can be adapted to all kinds of rooms. But she is keen to keep her designs stylish and comfortable despite demographic constraints.
Its goal ? Prove that an interior can be design in all circumstances. With Ambivalenz, it becomes easy to furnish your space in an efficient, comfortable and aesthetic way, and this is reflected even in their motto: Ambivalenz, singularly discreet.

Innovative furniture yes, but still comfortable and aesthetic

Ambivalenz offers foldable and modular furniture, which therefore takes up little space. In addition to this, the brand's furniture offers comfort that is faithful to a "classic" piece of furniture when in use while disappearing when the latter is folded. Ambivalenz is also a fervent player in terms of wall furniture, whether for offices or shoe storage. Elegant but not that, the furniture meets a certain requirement in terms of quality and resilience.
Minimalist in style, Ambivalenz offers a wide range of furniture ranging from simple accessories to the sofa. Indeed, the brand's catalog is relatively diversified and includes chairs, tables and secretaries, shelves, changing rooms and clothes rails, sofas of all sizes but also smaller accessories such as shoe racks or even shoes. mirrors and make-up troughs.
As for the sofas, they are modular and therefore infinitely customizable: you are free to create a unique sofa. In short, there is something for everyone and especially for all parts and that, regardless of their sizes.
The brand is part of an approach of furnishing small spaces in the city but not only, the furniture will decorate your country house or a hotel lobby just as well. To discover all the Ambivalenz products, go to, you will inevitably find what you are looking for!

Ambivalenz, a brand that is exported beyond borders

You may have already encountered the mark. Indeed, Ambivalenz is present in different places. First of all, the brand is present in various hotels: the Etoile Trocadéro hotel for example, which has furnished its rooms with Ambivalenz since 2018. Just like the hotel outside Europe, in Paris. Since 2016, the brand has also furnished the hotel Les Charmettes in Saint-Malo. We are changing universes, the brand is present in the Saint Bernward hospital in Germany or in the Rapt studio in San Francisco. A nice trip around the world for this promising brand! What if your interior became his next destination?

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