Linen Tales

Drawing its inspiration from the aesthetics of everyday life, Linen Tales is a brand specializing in linen, born from the desire to make new with old, by reinventing the use of linen while preserving Lithuanian traditions. around this raw material. Offering textile creations for the table, the bathroom, or even clothing, Linen Tales affirms its desire to work in favor of an alternative and more respectful mode of consumption.

The story of Linen Tales

It all started with the re-imagining of the fabric. Linen Tales wanted to keep the traditions of Lithuanian linen, but gray raw linen hardly inspired the rituals of contemporary life. The formula was to infuse more color and softness. And it worked. The story of Linen Tales began in the very heart of the founders' house, when they came up with the idea of opening their own salon to the public and organizing tours there. They wanted to show that linen could be a timeless fabric that, within the confines of a building built in the 16th century, blended perfectly with modern and current interior design. Quickly, Linen Tales transformed into a brand in its own right, which today attracts customers worldwide.

Linen, an extraordinary material at the service of design

Linen is useful all year round, and it is this continuity that Linen Tales wanted to transcribe, with collections that follow the variations of the seasons. Thus, in summer and winter, you will find warm and soft models in your collections, which will keep you warm or refresh your decoration. Linen then puts the spotlight on a material with multiple uses, which will make your life easier more than once. In addition to that, the plant has many advantages, one of which is to enable ethical textile production. In fact, flax grows without having to resort to many resources, and all parts of the plant are useful once harvested.

At the time of processing, no chemicals are used to transform the plant into a wearable fiber and transformable into beautiful textile pieces. During the creation process, Linen Tales makes sure to minimize waste, and reuses the offcuts to produce the smallest models. What cannot be used is donated to sewing schools or other professionals specializing in linen creations.

A refined aesthetic and strong values

Linen Tales aims to guarantee a wide choice of linen models, from patterns to colors, which can be to everyone's tastes, while maintaining its clean and soft aesthetic. Linen Tales products are designed to last and support you over the long term. Indeed, Linen Tales only uses linen grown in Europe and all products are exclusively made in Lithuania, handmade and carefully produced in small quantities, according to demand.

In addition, each piece of linen is washed before being put into packaging. This process ensures that the fabric does not shrink after the first few washes, and also helps provide healthy, confident tissue. The brand sets its quality standards very high, which are essential for it. She ensures that they are respected for each product.

Linen Tales also aims to reduce, at each stage of its production, its impact on the environment, and to assert more than ever its desire to respect human rights. Among its values, respect holds an important place, and Linen Tales makes a point of taking into account the opinions of customers and various stakeholders to develop its collections and its production. The brand always wants to improve, while remaining in this simplicity which makes the charm of its aesthetic which appeals so much.

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