Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Our history

Our living spaces deserve to have a soul, a history and a purpose. Moodntone is a place of sharing, a way to connect all design, craft and travel enthusiasts.

“Our idea came to us after a simple observation: too few companies in the furniture and interior decoration market take into account current ecological and environmental issues. Many players offer a wide choice of furniture and decoration, but few can guarantee that the creations are designed with an ethical and environmental approach.

This is why we were keen to make accessible to as many people as possible a centralized offer of thousands of sustainable, ethical and responsible creations, by presenting products designed mainly with natural, recycled and / or recyclable materials.

We liked the idea of helping artisans and designers from around the world to make themselves known by highlighting their creations, but also that of supporting and developing local crafts and traditional techniques.

In addition, we are passionate about travel and love the different atmospheres that can emerge from the destinations visited. In decoration, we like to transcribe these atmospheres by mixing colors, materials, prints and even styles for more lively, cosmopolitan interiors steeped in history.

For the record, the idea of making you travel through different cultures gave birth to the name Moodntone, short for "mood and tone", symbolizing this connection between creators and design enthusiasts. A strong link between the emotion transmitted and the emotion perceived. "

After several years spent in Paris in the field of E-commerce and Design, it was in October 2017 that Alexandra Banic and Arnaud Roumiguié created Moodntone.

Today, more than 5,000 creations are listed on the site in the following categories: furniture, lighting, decorative objects, tableware, household linen, kids and outdoor universes.

Sustainable and responsible creations

Sustainable and responsible creations

We are convinced that today it is essential to give as much importance to ethics as to aesthetics, and that we owe it to ourselves to favor quality rather than quantity. Consume less, but consume better.

The amount of furniture waste has increased dramatically over the past 30 years. This increase is partly linked to mass consumption, but also to the increase in cheap and non-sustainable products.

To give you an idea, more than 2 million tonnes of furniture waste is produced each year in France, mostly ending up in an incinerator or landfill. Changing the way of consumption, as well as the use of recyclable / recycled, sustainable and natural materials, must be a priority in the furniture and decoration sector.

In recent years only, eco-organizations have been approved to participate in the collection of this waste as well as its treatment.

By marketing sustainable products on Moodntone, we seek to reduce the quantities of waste from furniture or decoration, and to promote a new, more responsible mode of consumption.

In parallel with the mode of consumption, ecodesign aims to design products in line with the principles of sustainable development. The use of renewable resources is therefore essential in the design process. Ecodesign and waste recovery by promoting reuse, repair and recycling, would thus make it possible to move towards a circular economy.

An ethical dimension

An ethical dimension

Beyond the environmental issue, we wanted to go further. The mode of mass consumption has prompted many players in the sector to produce cheaper and less qualitatively.

The ethical dimension is at the heart of our concerns at Moodntone, so that everyone can benefit from respectful and fair working conditions.

Various actions full of humanity have also been initiated, such as Good & Mojo which maintains an ambitious humanitarian project. By purchasing a light, you allow another person in the world to have access to it. So, for each lamp sold a percentage is donated to the WakaWaka foundation.

This ethical issue is added to the selection process for each of our partners.

A journey to the heart of the latest trends

A journey to the heart of the latest trends

The ethical and environmental issue that we support on a daily basis in no way hinders our love for the design and aesthetics of the wonderful creations that we offer you. Our team travels the web and the press every day, in search of new, original and trendy creations.

At Moodntone, we seek to take you on a journey through thousands of creations by designers and artisans from all over the world, to promote their unique craftsmanship and truly special creations that tell you a story. Our slogan "Travel, home" takes on its full meaning here.

The idea of making you travel through different cultures is the foundation of Moodntone. Our team unearths for you the most beautiful Scandinavian, bohemian, ethnic, exotic, seaside or retro creations.

In order to provide you with a very large choice of products and to support our responsible approach, we favor tailor-made and made-to-order products. Be patient, your order may take several weeks, but you will have contributed to the preservation of our beautiful planet and helped artisans around the world!