Who are we ?

Our history

Our living spaces deserve to have a soul, a history and a purpose. Moodntone is above all a place of sharing, a way to connect all lovers of design, crafts and travel.

Passionate about travel and craftsmanship, it was at the end of 2017 that we created Moodntone, a platform bringing together thousands of sustainable creations from designers and artisans from all over the world.

Our mission is simple: to allow everyone to create a sustainable living space that makes them travel and in which they feel good .

We usually bring back creations from our various trips to decorate the decor of our accommodation over the years. Our living space is a reflection of our travels, simply allowing us to feel at home.

It has also been proven that housing is one of the main factors of happiness, just like travel.

From this observation came the idea of making accessible a centralized offer of thousands of sustainable creations, carefully selected, designed by craftsmen from all over the world and made from natural, recycled and/or recyclable materials in order to contribute to a mode of more responsible consumption.

We want to support craftsmanship around the world and local traditional techniques, and want to celebrate the people behind every creation we bring to you.

This idea of making you travel through different cultures gave rise to the name Moodntone, short for "mood and tone", symbolizing the bond that connects you to the people behind each creation.

All these creations tell you a story. Moodntone is our way of sharing these wonderful stories with you.

Alexandra Banić & Arnaud Roumiguié

Sustainable and responsible creations

An invitation to travel

Our team searches the web and the press every day, looking for new original and trendy creations that will bring a spirit from elsewhere into your living space, and which will contribute to your daily happiness. Create a living space that suits you and in which you feel good.

Our love of travel drives us to make you discover thousands of creations from all over the world, unique know-how and truly special creations that tell you a story.

Travel, home.

The idea of making you travel through different cultures is the foundation of Moodntone. Our team unearths for you the most beautiful Scandinavian, bohemian, ethnic, exotic, seaside or even retro creations.

Sustainable creations

The amount of furniture waste has increased dramatically over the past 30 years. This increase is partly linked to mass consumption, but also to the increase in cheap and non-durable products.

It is essential today to favor quality rather than quantity. Consume less, but consume better, because we know that focusing on quality and sustainability generates less waste and consumes less energy.

All the creations present on Moodntone are carefully selected by our team for their sustainability, as well as for their social and environmental impact.