Enter the world of the Hartô publishing house and its colorful, playful and elegant collections that perfectly embody French design.

Who is behind Hartô?

Hartô is a French brand of furniture and unique decorative objects for daring interiors. Alexandre Mulliez, founder of the company Harto design, specializing in the distribution of online furniture, joins forces with Amandine Merle. They both embarked on the adventure of creating a design brand in 2010: Harto Design becomes Hartô. Behind this new project, they maintain the idea of offering accessible and affordable designer furniture by reducing the intermediaries between the consumer and the designer. But Hartô's ambition does not stop there, the brand is keen to offer functional collections resulting from artisanal manufacturing and French and European production. The brand does not want to stand out through foolproof originality but through a logic of collection and constant renewal. About fifteen new products are thus emerging each year. Hartô therefore meticulously chooses its designers to keep this editorial line. Among the first designers to have collaborated with the brand are: Julien Phedyaeff, Pierre-François Dubois and Pauline Gilain. Hartô wishes to position itself as a brand synonymous with cheerfulness and optimism, to do this the brand relies on pastel or tangy colors contrasting with dark and sad colors.

Original and timeless collections with sustainable materials

Hartô stands out with its colorful creations, mixing warm materials with daring designs. Sideboards, armchairs, suspensions, shelves, coffee tables or even coat racks, the brand offers quality collections with natural and authentic materials. Discover the Gabin sideboard in oak and metal, a two-material effect very present in the collection. Admire the Carmen pendant light, designed in collaboration with the PaulinePlusLuis studio, which turns like the skirt of an elegant ballet dancer in your living room! We love their armchairs with clean lines that invite us to relax, their essential Ambroise wall coat rack in oak wood or their colorful coat hooks in soft pastel tones. The wood used for Harto creations comes from eco-managed forests, which strike the perfect balance between the needs of the forest and those of man. The varnishes and lacquers used are natural, and do not contain any toxic products. You can also find in some Hartô furniture materials such as leather, wool, brass, steel straight from New Zealand and of impeccable quality. In addition to being eco-responsible, the French brand offers daring and unique creations while remaining affordable. The brand is instantly recognizable since it offers sideboards, shelves, secretaries with rounded and geometric shapes marked by the combination of wood and color. Start the Hartô experience with the brand's two timeless bestsellers: Gaston and Marius. In addition to being a flagship product of the brand, the secretary Gaston is the first creation made by Florence Watine.

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