Cane line

Cane-line is a Danish interior and exterior furniture brand which, for thirty years, has placed comfort at the center of its creative process. The brand offers a wide choice of furniture designed to improve everyday life.

Functional, resistant and innovative, the creations signed Cane-line allow you to dress and accessorize your outdoor and indoor spaces harmoniously. The brand is also committed to respecting human rights and the environment through the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Comfort according to Cane-line

Cane-line designs and manufactures functional and comfortable furniture. With three decades of experience, it is in Denmark that she imagines her pieces of interior and exterior furniture. Cane-line's raison d'être is to offer furniture that not only embellishes indoor and outdoor spaces, but also improves the comfort of its customers in their everyday lives. Much more than a simple collection of furniture, the creations signed Cane-line aim to help each person to improve their daily life by being well equipped.

Indoor and outdoor collections

Cane-line's collection of furniture for outdoor spaces has been designed to last over the long term without too much maintenance. The furniture has been designed taking into account the changing weather conditions which can sometimes alter the appearance or the ability of the products to last over time. Everything is calculated to provide maximum comfort outdoors and promote moments of relaxation in your garden.
For its outdoor collection, Cane-line has opted for light but resistant materials, such as aluminum, zinc or teak, a solid, precious wood that does not rot.

Cane-line therefore manages to combine metals and robust natural products, to provide solid outdoor furniture without distorting the space. The brand offers its collection in neutral colors (white, gray, black or beige). These go perfectly with the ambience of the outdoor spaces and allow everyone to make the most of them without feeling overwhelmed by furniture in gaudy shades that do not blend in with the landscape.

As for its collection of interior furniture, Cane-line has placed it under the sign of simplicity. The brand wanted it to be functional, and designed it using the comfortable and simple shapes and colors of the outdoor collection. But, the changing needs compared to the latter, the zinc was exchanged for rattan, natural material resulting from certain plants of South-East Asia. The wickerwork structures are nonetheless solid, and bring a natural touch to your interior. In materials, the rope is also honored in different ways. From basket to bench, it brings a seaside touch to the decoration. UV resistant and limiting the spread of bacteria and allergic reactions, the Soft basket is, for example, available in several colors and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

To dress up its furniture, Cane-line offers a wide range of accessories. Its machine washable polypropylene cushions are available in different colors, according to taste. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and add a discreet but appreciable touch of color.

A long-term commitment to the environment and people

Cane-line has also chosen to commit to people and the environment through the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Based on objective number 8, the brand aims to contribute to the creation of decent jobs and to work for more sustainable economic growth. Cane-line applies this approach both at its head office, in Rynkeby (Denmark), and at its production workshop located in Indonesia. In either case, working conditions are made as good as possible and take precedence over the consequence or the pace of production.

Goal number 12 aims to encourage more responsible consumption and production methods. Cane-line defends these goals and considers them an integral part of its DNA. Wishing to minimize its environmental and societal impact as much as possible, the company heats itself, for example, thanks to the energy released by a thermal power station located nearby. In 2013, Cane-line also succeeded in halving its electricity consumption and still maintains its level of consumption today.

Cane-line is ISO 14001 certified and has been audited by SMETA. These certifications, among many others obtained by the brand, thus prove once again its commitment to a greener, more sustainable and responsible future.

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