Ferm Living

Ferm Living is a Danish brand driven by the passion and creativity of its founder Trine Andersen. The brand offers a wide range of decorative objects and furniture in Scandinavian design. In collaboration with artisans from all over the world, Ferm Living wishes to support you in the planning of your living space.

Ferm Living, a brand with a surprising history

Founded in 2005 by interior decorator and designer Trine Andersen, Ferm Living is a Danish brand that offers products in a Nordic and Scandinavian spirit where design, quality and nature rhyme with aesthetics. Her idea was born when she wanted to redo the decoration of her house and in particular the wallpaper. She then struggles to find the one of her dreams and at an affordable price. Thanks to her training in graphic design, she decides to create trendy and affordable wallpapers herself.

Thus in February 2006, Ferm Living was born. The first collection immediately met with considerable success. In the meantime, the collections have multiplied and expanded and now count more than 800 references: find cushions, kitchen accessories, textiles, stickers and furniture ... Ferm Living offers objects in Scandinavian design, but also colorful and modern. In other words, you can only find what you are looking for!

Added to this, their magnificent collection for children, with furniture and decorative objects with an emphasis on wood and pastel colors, which does not prevent certain products from being very colorful like cushions for example.

A dedicated Danish brand

Based in Copenhagen, Ferm Living works with artisans from all over the world to allow you to decorate your home with Scandinavian-inspired objects. The creations of the Ferm living brand carry a particular imprint, with a singular aesthetic, well mastered and charming. This mix of retro and trendy style is the perfect combination of modern graphics, natural elements, and more traditional Scandinavian lines. All these inspirations go together wonderfully and will make your interior a real warm living space. These geometric decorative objects are the DNA of the brand and carry the values and style of Nordic interior decoration.

Nature is in the spotlight, in fact the design creations are made from raw materials such as wood, cotton, raw silk, cork, paper, only noble materials that the Danish brand knows how to handle and sublimate. wonderfully, all this in an eco-responsible approach. All this know-how and these values lie in Trine Andersen's desire to respect raw materials and craftsmanship.

Authenticity and timelessness best describe the creations of the brand, which wishes to stand out as much as possible from today's consumer society by always offering more elegant, sustainable and natural creations. The brand's philosophy is to believe that you are never better served than by yourself. Ferm Living's mission does not stop with the sale of products, the brand wants to support you in the development of your home. You and Ferm Living share the same ambition: to make your interior a real warm and friendly living space! Discover without waiting the new Ferm Living wave on our site to embellish and simplify your daily life.

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