House Doctor

Discover the Scandinavian and informal design of the House Doctor collections: bohemian products, with multiple surfaces, shades and colors, which will add character to your interior, leaving room for aesthetics and originality!

The House Doctor universe

The story of House Doctor began in 2001 with the collaboration of three siblings: Klaus Juhl Pedersen, Rikke Juhl Jensen and Gitte Juhl Capel, all three passionate about interior, design, cuisine, style and design. well-being. It is one of the most popular Danish brands of cozy decoration and vintage furniture. The name “House Doctor” was born from the desire to bring health to your interior through aesthetic and comforting creations, because according to the siblings, decoration and interior harmony play an important role in well-being. and personal development. Be careful though, House Doctor like all drugs is very addictive, we will have warned you! House Doctor belongs to the Society of lifestyle group which also includes the Nicolas Vahé, Meraki and Monograph brands. House Doctor is the group's emblematic decoration and furniture brand and wishes to offer objects that will make a difference. More than just a designer decoration brand, it also stands out through its commitment by supporting the Danish non-profit association Grow for It. This association's mission is to eradicate carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere. Thanks to the contribution of the Society of Lifestyle group, no less than 23 hectares have been reforested, the equivalent of 33 football fields.

Take care of your interior by mixing styles

At House Doctor, the key word is mismatch. Add style to your interior with their essential cushions and rugs in linen, cotton, kelim, colorful, graphic or even ethnic. Arrange your dining room with different Comma velvet chairs, the bench from the same collection in gray or rust, or even with School chairs to create a vintage atmosphere, around a pretty table in raw wood, or metallic for more. modernity. Let your imagination guide you in decorating your room and create an eclectic and joyful atmosphere. Inspired by the 1950s, the brand offers bohemian and cozy creations. The House Doctor universe perfectly combines a Scandinavian design with a relaxed bohemian atmosphere. You will find materials, shades and textures that will make your interior a beautifully harmonious space. House Doctor offers furniture and decorative items suitable for all spaces. Products that will bring light, warmth and style to your home. Discover, for example, their suspensions in metal, glass and fabrics or the timeless Note lamp with its glass globe and brushed brass base. House Doctor is the vitamin dose you need: a touch of softness and warmth for the long winter months and a touch of freshness and a colorful note on the arrival of sunny days.

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