Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm takes you on a journey through Scandinavian collections, each more original than the next, discover them now!

The house of design

Founded in 1992 by Anders Färdig, Design House Stockholm was originally a collective of Scandinavian designers. The idea is in fact to create a sort of "design house". Just as publishing houses collaborate with authors, this is about working with designers to promote their product. The collective is now made up of more than 60 designers, the goal not being to select the next creators but rather to invite them to come and integrate themselves with their ideas in order to highlight the artists of tomorrow. Design House Stockholm's ambition is to bring together a collection of the best of today's Scandinavian design.

The term "Scandinavian design" does not refer to the geographical perspective, but rather to a philosophical and aesthetic perspective: there are designers all over the world such as in France, Germany, Australia, America and Chile. The result is a collection of design classics with timeless appeal and qualities that outlast temporary trends. Design House Stockholm has been working since 1992 with established and well-known designers. Their goal is to develop great products rather than highlighting names.

This collective was a worldwide success in 1997 thanks to Harri Koskinen and his Block lamp. This lamp composed of a bulb and a transparent block, similar to a block of ice, has intrigued the world of design with its chic and refined appearance. This product has been a great success for its author since it has been recognized worldwide, but it has also greatly contributed to the development of Design House Stockholm.

In addition to this essential lamp, Design House Stockholm offers all types of products, ranging from lighting to decorative objects, including tableware and pieces of furniture, always in a Scandinavian and contemporary style.

A matter of ideas

When Harri Koskinen was first spotted, he was still an unknown student in Helsinki, but he had an incredible idea that would generate worldwide success - the Block Lamp. Proof that it is not enough to have a known name to integrate Design House Stockholm, but to come up with one or more ideas that deserve to be analyzed more closely by Scandinavian design professionals and that are worth a shot. be materialized. The company does not seek success by names but rather by the excellence of the products, by their originality and the innovation that they emanate. With the motivation to create products that will bring new things, Design House Stockholm selects quality items with a character of their own. Their unique items follow the motto: "Don't do something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, do not hesitate to make it beautiful."

Well thought-out design collections

Design House Stockholm offers a large number of collections available in categories such as furniture, home textiles, lighting, cooking, fashion, design objects… The furniture is mainly made from natural materials such as wood, then worked on to obtain a product that meets the company's expectations. But other materials such as glass, leather or even metal are used and chosen by designers to create a product that suits them and that will appeal to designers.

The architecture and the components of the products correspond perfectly to the Scandinavian designs recognized in the world. If you want to add a touch of this style so particular and yet so popular in recent years, Design House Stockholm will allow you to furnish each of your rooms with high quality Scandinavian furniture. You will find your happiness within many models of chairs and tables to arrange your kitchen and your dining room, pretty cushions will be able to adorn your sofa with taste, without forgetting a design and refined lighting thanks to the many lights offered by the company. . Whatever your desires, Design House Stockholm will fascinate you with its products. Original or classic, each piece is unique in its kind and designed by a person in whom the brand has trusted it. So why not you ?

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