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Serax makes artisanal products in close collaboration with artisans from all over the world, from Antwerp to Vietnam via Portugal. Created by two brothers, the brand approaches the most passionate designers in the world to offer you furniture, lighting, tableware, vases ...

Serax, a brand born from brotherly love

Cradled since their earliest childhood by the creation and sale of their mother's flower pots, the two brothers Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche, originally from Antwerp, embarked on the Serax adventure from their garage in 1986. Twenty years later, the family business Serax born from the merger between Serge and Axel, became a multinational based in Belgium. Today, the company is managed by Axel Van Den Bossche with Marie Michielssen at his side, his wife and famous creator of the famous “Cactus vase”.

Discover the world through the artisanal collections of Serax

Serax is committed to promoting world craftsmanship. Collaborating with designers, whether renowned or not, from all over the world is one of the fundamental values anchored in the values of the brand. From Vietnam to Antwerp, via Portugal, Serax is looking for craftsmen from all over the world capable of producing on a large scale the prototypes imagined by its creators. In particular, they made modest achievements with famous designers like Peter Arts in 1990. Their collaboration with floral artist Daniel Ost, propelled them onto the international scene with the design of “The Flower Booth”, also presented at the French Salon du design Maison & Objet. They are then launched on the road to success. From a small business started in a garage in Antwerp, Serax became in the space of twenty years a solid multinational employing around sixty people. Since then, the brand has also multiplied collaborations, each more qualitative than the next, with international fame and success which affirm Serax's position on the design market. Despite very rapid growth over the past thirty years, Serax remains faithful to its principles and is committed to respecting craftsmanship.

The meeting that changed the fate of the brand

In 2009, Axel crossed paths with Roos van de Velde, after launching his tableware collection, Serax became the favorite brand of Michelin starred chefs. Tableware, vase, mirror, lighting, rugs and furniture, the Serax house works to create a warm, unique home with respect for craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for an industrial, Scandinavian, bohemian or contemporary style, you will find at Serax something to satisfy your desires. Thanks to the ever more original and aesthetic creations imagined by the creators of the Serax house, you will be able to make your guests melt with envy by preparing an elegant, refined and contemporary table. What could be better than a carefully set table to share a good meal in a friendly atmosphere resembling beautiful starred tables. Do like Serax, live, share and discover!

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