An exchange of skills, of knowledge, with a single guideline: authenticity in creation and modernity in design. Discover Them and its incredible authentic Berber rugs!

Them Berber rugs

At Them, the only "stars" are the craftsmen and their creations full of history. Too often left in the shadows, Marion, creator of the brand, imagines THEM by placing them in the centre. In a search for a better balance, Marion rethinks the sale of an object that is dear to her heart: the Berber rug, with a fair approach and a fair price.

Regularly throughout the year, the designer goes to meet Berber women weavers, directly at the source, in small villages in the Middle Atlas to find brightly coloured Azilal rugs, Béni Ouarain rugs with graphic shapes, rare Boujad, Boucherouite, each one more sparkling than the other.

No buying at decoration fairs such as Maisons et Objets or in the souks of Marrakech but buying directly at the source, from the women weavers.

A different way of working that allows her to offer fair and affordable prices but also to have control over the remuneration of the fairy-fingered women weavers with whom she collaborates.

At the heart of the craft

Meeting the artisans is essential for the creator of Them. Indeed, when you offer crafts, knowing more about their know-how, learning the symbolism of their creations and sharing their passion is absolutely essential.

Them is above all exceptional encounters in small towns full of life or remote villages, long creative discussions that lead to new common desires. An exchange of skills, of knowledge, with only one guideline: authenticity in creation and modernity in design.

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