Create an original and colorful atmosphere with the AYTM collections, full of inspiration for Nordic design enthusiasts!

The beginnings of the brand

The AYTM brand was created in 2004 by Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen, managers of the company Gran Living ApS. It is a company that creates, manufactures and imports quality interior furniture for the main furniture chains. This specialization is beneficial for AYTM and allows the designer couple “to bring something new to the Danish style,” says Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen.

The raison d'être of AYTM is to bring a new perspective to interior design. While keeping the specificities of Danish-inspired interior furniture, the brand seeks to give an international and innovative touch to its creations.

The values and principles of AYTM

The 2 creators base their styles of creation on six fundamental values that they wish to transmit through the development of their pieces: originality, dedication, challenge, reliability, cooperation and joy. Their creations are synonymous with luxurious design, and are made from qualitative materials. The aim of the brand is also to offer products with a pleasant design, to enhance interiors.

The pieces are created with great precision, in a joyful setting that promotes creativity. The working method used is also specific to the brand, because it consists in finding the best possible solutions thanks to trust, at the heart of the collaboration between the various stakeholders.

The style of AYTM

Combining the authenticity of the Danish style with the very design and modern aspect of contemporary and Scandinavian styles makes AYTM an exceptional brand which testifies to a very rich inventiveness, giving birth to unique pieces of their kind.

And precisely, if these designs are so special, it is for a good reason: the couple of designers do not hesitate to share their secrets to achieve an image of high prestige. Indeed, the AYTM brand participates in the entire production and manufacturing process of its products, from the design of its parts to the finished product. To define the design of the products, a team of different designers unites the members of the team and, together, they collaborate by mixing their specializations, between experiences of interior or industrial furniture design. This mix allows a qualitative mix whatever the type of furniture in question or the desired decorative atmosphere. It is also an additional factor of creativity which allows the brand to offer very specific and pleasant pieces at the same time. This phase, also called the design phase, is very dynamic at AYTM: it is made up of imaginative minds, colorful swatches and ideas galore. Inspired by the whole world, the designers then take their customers on a journey through shapes and colors representative of diverse and immersive atmospheres.

The founding couple aims to make AYTM a new standard of interior decoration for lovers of the Danish style, by incorporating a touch of renewal brought by the brand. For this, they reproduce and remain faithful to the refined designs of the country from which they are inspired while bringing a revisited and fresh side thanks to their retro touch mixed with noble materials such as blown glass, leather or even brass, which also provide additional quality. In addition to the atypical style of their creations, the strategy adopted by the brand also involves a sought-after name. Indeed, AYTM is pronounced like the English word “item”, which means “object”.

The brand aims to integrate the haute couture aspect, specific to the world of textiles, into the world of furniture through their creations. By adopting the products of their brands, you will give your interior an unusual and original atmosphere of character, like the Scandinavian countries.

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