Create an original and colorful atmosphere with the AYTM collections, full of inspiration for Nordic design enthusiasts!

The story of AYTM

Behind the elegant Scandinavian brand AYTM hides the couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen who have successfully managed the company Gran Living ApS since 2004. Since the creation of the brand, the company has detected new trends and imagined quality furniture that gives originality and unmistakable design to any living space. The brand's goal is to add luxury to design, while remaining affordable, and to set new standards in style. From the start, AYTM focused on design. The AYTM collections are not designed by one person, but by a team of very talented designers with different backgrounds and backgrounds. Each designer brings a unique set of skills to designs, resulting in unique collections that meet the high demands of the accessory and furniture industry.

The contrast of materials and colors

The intention of the AYTM collections is to inspire decoration enthusiasts to dare more through the more expressive approach to Nordic design. The furniture ( benches , poufs , coffee tables , chairs , bar chairs and shelves ) and decorations ( vases , mirrors , coat racks , jewelry boxes , decorative trays and small storage ) are created with an emphasis on contrasts materials and surfaces ( metal , glass , marble , brass and wood ). The shapes are simple, almost organic, and the colors are balanced and soft. For each collection ( Circum , Stilla , Angui or even Aedes ), the designers focus on the high quality of the materials and the careful details of the products. The universe of AYTM is mainly focused around the dining room, the living room and the kitchen. The brand wants every room in your interior to be unique and eye-catching, and that all its products combine to form a truly spectacular atmosphere, full of color and originality. Among the bestsellers, discover the Angui bench, the Curva magazine rack or the Stilla carpet!

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