Home Spirit

Founded more than 20 years ago, Home Spirit is a French family group specializing in the manufacture of sofas, chairs and armchairs of the highest quality. Discover now these beautiful collections of furniture made in France on Moodntone!

A family expertise

Founded in 1997 by the Dufour children, Home Spirit is a family group that includes three different companies. This group is specialized in the creation and French manufacture of sofas, chairs and high-end armchairs. The creations of the brand are in several styles. With different shapes, textures, colors, sizes ... the choice is not lacking at Home Spirit. In fact, the brand has more than 40 ranges to its credit. For example, we can mention the Biarritz and Biscarrosse sofas. Adorned with their linen covering, they bring a seaside atmosphere, inside and outside. You can also find more sober and contemporary products like the Chambord sofas. One thing is certain, these creations will easily become a central element in your living spaces. Home spirit's creations have one thing in common, they are not lacking in character and are easy to combine.

If the group manages to offer such attractive creations, it is because it values creativity and innovation. By articulating the activities of these three companies (located in the North of France) in an intelligent way, the group manages to control its value chain. The CHT company groups together the design offices and the foam and sewing workshops, the Mousse du Nord company is the place where the products are assembled, and finally the BSN company is the group's carpentry. Thus, thanks to this strike force, it is positioned among the best manufacturers of French sofas. The Home Spirit group is also on the lookout for trends thanks to its research department. Thus, the group can anticipate tomorrow's interiors, create new patterns, imagine new atmospheres... in short, everything you need to embellish your interiors.

A claimed Made in France

Home Spirit relies on French manufacturing. The group even has a certification guaranteeing this quality: the OFG certification (guaranteed French origin). This certification ensures that the product has acquired its essential characteristics in France and that a large part of the product's price is collected by French actors. This is an honest approach on the part of the company in order to promote local and artisanal production. This will is part of the DNA of Homes Spirit products. Indeed, it is partly thanks to this that the Home Spirit furniture is of such a good quality.

An environmental commitment

In addition to its commitment to French soil, the group is also committed to the environment. Home Spirit aims at quality, but responsible quality. By choosing suppliers close to its factories, the brand reduces its CO2 emissions. Special attention is also paid to the choice of materials. Indeed, the wood is sourced from ecologically managed forests. The composition of glues and the treatment of waste are also carefully managed. The design and use of their products are also thought to reduce their environmental impact. The choice to offer slipcovers with removable furniture extends the life of the products: instead of throwing away your furniture, you transform it. Finally, the design of the fabrics also demonstrates this environmental commitment. The brand's textile products are Oeko tex certified. This guarantees that Homes Spirit fabrics are not harmful to the environment.

Home Spirit is a committed brand that does not compromise on the design of its products, nor on their quality, nor on their impact. We are sure that, like us, you already trust them.

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