Wet Pot

Discover the Wet Pot brand, magnificent self-sufficient designer pots whose so-called capillary system will allow your plant to receive the necessary humidity without waste and in a natural way!

Wet Pot, a quality family brand

15 years ago, the creators of Wet Pot, Lasse Svedenstedt and Nils Plöjel, imagined the concept of the Wet Pot. These small self-watering pots, as playful as they are aesthetic, will soon seduce you and your interiors. After several attempts to create the perfect product, the first model was released in 2010, and since then, sales have grown steadily with the development of this company. Today the brand is sold in 7 different countries (Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United States) and thus offers a whole range of self-watering pots but also simpler and independent products, always respectful of the environment and your desires. You can then choose the model that suits you, in the size you want and all you have to do is let the Wet Pot technology operate!

When ecology rhymes with style

Wet Pot technology is not only based on this unique concept of automatically watering your plants. The Wet Pot system is based on principles that are as ethical as they are practical. The design of the pots, elegant and surprising, will seduce you just as much as the ecological impact of these products. The jars are made from 100% natural components and without any chemicals in order to respect our planet, because, as the creators say so well, there is no planet B, nor C, nor D for that matter. .

Innovative technology

Your Wet Pot consists of two parts, a glass vase on the outside in which you will pour water for your plant, and a terracotta pot on the inside designed to regulate the water supply which the plant will need. This so-called capillary system will allow your plant to receive the necessary humidity without waste and in a natural way. This technology will continue to develop and new products will be added to the XS, S, M and L models already available for sale. This innovation is the future of our indoor plants, and you will be only satisfied with it!

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