Offering furniture suitable for children's bedrooms since 2004, Sebra is an inspired brand that places the beauty and philosophy of Scandinavian design at the heart of its creation process. The vocation of the brand is to improve the daily life of families with children and to help them grow and develop in a positive and creative environment.

Innovative and full of ideas, Sebra reinvents children's furniture and gives it a new identity, especially with the Sebra bed, as beautiful as it is durable.

The desire to improve everyday life

Sebra is a Danish brand that creates interior furniture for children. Founded in 2004 by Mia Dela, the brand offers furniture with a simple and refined Scandinavian design, and makes a point of providing, with its products, safety and quality. Freshly graduated from Kolding Designskole and a young mother, the idea for Sebra came to the founder while she was furnishing her baby's room. Finding nothing to her taste, in terms of both design and quality, she then embarked on the creation of her own design studio.

Sebra accompanies parents from the birth of their child (and even before) and throughout the first years of this one, in particular thanks to its changing bed Sebra. This one-of-a-kind product combines comfort, safety, and durability .

Sebra, a conscious and innovative brand

Sebra products are mostly handmade, each copy is unique and made with passion. One of the brand's goals is to help parents create an ideal space for their children, so that they can grow and develop their creativity in a spacious, happy, functional environment that resembles them. The brand favors materials such as wood, wool, organic cotton or recycled paper, and mainly turns to traditional forms of craftsmanship. Sebra thus highlights the quality of its products, but also a special attachment to the know-how and aesthetics of Denmark. Sebra creations combine a warm atmosphere, sustainability and awareness . Sebra is therefore the perfect compromise for families looking for style and quality.

Sebra products have an aesthetic of their own. The products feature pastel shades, reassuring beige and white tones that undoubtedly recall childhood. They create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere, without aggressiveness or constraint.

The major use of wood as a building material makes furniture appear lighter, less imposing but just as functional. The choice of colors, in simple and soft tones, reinforces this effect.

The idea of Sebra being to innovate in the field of children's furniture , their products allow the establishment of a space dedicated to the child, where he can grow, imagine, be entertained. Sebra products are designed to follow him throughout his childhood, and have therefore been designed to last and to be adaptable to many uses. In each of its creations, the brand places all its desire to offer parents and their children durable and reliable products, in a style all of its own and designed to stimulate the imagination and create memorable moments of joy.

The Sebra bed, declaration of love for Danish culture

The Juno bed designed in the 1940s by Danish architect Viggo Einfeldt now has its place in the Canon of Danish Culture, a collection of 108 works representative of the culture of this country. Inspired by this tall cabinet with rounded corners, a symbol of evolution and security, Sebra offers its own model. The brand takes the original proportions of the model, which make it famous, while adapting it to a more current use by adapting the design and conception to the new safety standards concerning this type of furniture. The furniture is thus timeless and suitable for current use, but retains its authenticity.

The Sebra bed, little brother of the original Juno bed born in 2016 following the acquisition of the rights to copy the design by Sebra, is also a declaration of love for this piece of furniture that has marked, thanks to its presence in many in homes and in television broadcasts, entire generations attached to the culture of their country. A real cocoon, the Sebra bed is made of wood covered with an antibacterial , environmentally friendly and non-toxic paint. It helps preserve the health of the child by limiting the proliferation of bacteria to 99.9% .

This bed is also scalable , and can follow the child from birth until he is ten years old. It can therefore be considered as a long-term investment, and as a piece of furniture steeped in history and poetry.

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