The Rug Republic

In 1983, entrepreneurs M.J.K. Gupta and Mrs. Meenakshi Gupta founded The Rug Republic. Although today it is a true expert in textile decoration, at the time it was a small workshop located in Meerut, India, designed to make handmade rugs. Since then, The Rug Republic has had its own design studio and a production site of several thousand square meters.

A wide variety of quality rugs with a unique style

As a specialized manufacturer, the brand offers a wide variety of rugs distinguished by their shapes, colors and materials. This large catalog allows everyone to find the carpet that suits their interior decoration. The carpets are designed according to different artisanal manufacturing techniques such as tufted, woven or knotted.

The identity of the brand is constituted in the traditional style rugs, often made from natural organic materials such as hemp, cotton, wool or leather. You will have the choice between carpets with reliefs, carpets with long pile, a density of more or less important hair etc. Among the offer of the brand we find in particular Berber carpets, whose style is timeless.

The brand also strives to remain creative and offers innovative pieces that evolve with the trends, without losing its much appreciated identity and its love for well-made pieces. The brand imagines and designs more contemporary style rugs with abstract, graphic or floral designs that add a modern touch to your home.

From development to design, the brand is committed to delivering the highest quality rugs possible.

The Rug Republic, a brand with strong values

The brand's values include respect for people, social responsibility, innovation and constant learning, collaboration and quality. These values can be seen in the company's actions. First of all, it employs local, detail-oriented craftsmen. The company also makes a point of using quality materials. In addition, many of the rugs are made from Oeko Tex certified fabric, a label that guarantees the absence of products that are harmful to the body and the environment. The brand also makes rugs from recycled fibers.

The company is also committed beyond its business, in fact, with the Sharda Foundation, located in India, it supports the "Clean India Programme", an initiative to improve sanitary conditions in India.

The Rug Republic is a brand that defends beautiful handmade products, full of know-how, creativity and its values. It allows you to compose the interior decoration that suits you, by dressing your floor with carpets with an aesthetic work. Find all The Rug Republic rugs on Moodntone!

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