It's About RoMi

Since 1993, It's About RoMi, originally from Amsterdam, has been offering lighting with urban, contemporary and above all global inspirations. Creative, the brand will seek in all cities for the best of them, to offer innovative and unique models of their kind. It's About RoMi is also committed to the environment, by fighting against deforestation and by offering sustainable and respectful creations. A perfect combo to light up your interior with style and awareness.

Contemporary lighting live from Amsterdam

It was in 1993 that It's About RoMi was born in Amsterdam. Specializing in contemporary-style lighting, the brand is developing its own universe by offering us original creations, designed in the Netherlands, which do not go unnoticed. She puts all her heart into creating her models, which range from wall sconces to floor lamps to several bulbs.

With its collections, It's About RoMi reveals a world of industrial inspiration, which takes up the codes of street furniture. His creations are also inspired by the beauty of nature, which can be found in the organic, almost living forms of his large metal floor lamps.

Spotlight on cities around the world

It's About RoMi also draws its inspiration from the streetlights of European cities, each of which works, through their style, to develop the identity of the places. The city of Cambridge, England, for example, inspired the brand with a model of a floor lamp with an integrated bookcase, a nod to its renowned university. The same goes for Oslo, which inspired a warm lamp for the brand, and for Biarritz, which contributed to the birth of a pendant lamp with chic and seaside inspirations. Year after year, It's About RoMi develops what 'she calls her concept citylights, making us discover new models inspired by cities around the world.

With its tour of the world of lights, It's About RoMi enlightens us on the beauties hidden in each urban landscape. Her creations give an organic and current tone to the interior they decorate. It's About RoMi lamps thus help to create a modern and urban atmosphere. The lights, from slender floor lamps to metal wall lights, make every interior bright and unique.

A brand with clear and green ideas

Much more than a world tour, the It's About RoMi adventure is also about environmental awareness, and long-term actions. For the past ten years, It's About RoMi has been committed to working with sustainable materials. For example, it offers the Stockholm lamp, the brand's first biodegradable lamp. Its Hanoi and Saigon models, meanwhile, are the first bamboo models offered by it. In 2016, It's About RoMi launched Good & Mojo, the first sustainable brand of lighting. She works alongside the Wakawaka Foundation, which provides solar lamps to families in need. Good & Mojo creations are available at Moodntone. Bohemian-inspired, they are made from recycled, recyclable or sustainable materials.

It's About RoMi's environmental commitment also goes through its operation 1 Lamp = 1 Tree (1 Lamp = 1 Tree). For each creation sold by the brand, it undertakes to plant a tree. This allows it to offset the CO2 emissions caused by the manufacture of its lamps. Associated since 2019 with Eden Reforestation Projects, It's About RoMi is committed to fighting deforestation. This has very harmful effects on the environment, ranging from land desertification, which reduces their cultivation capacity, to the disappearance of flora and fauna. Thanks to this partnership, the brand's goal is to create a virtuous circle, which will allow it to continue to offer quality products while limiting, or even reducing, the impact of its production on the environment.

Since 2019, sales made by It's About RoMi have already allowed the planting of more than 125,000 trees. The brand's goal is to reach 500,000 trees planted by 2030.

Choosing It's About RoMi is therefore making a gesture in favor of reforestation, and working to highlight the importance of the fight for the environment.

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