AY Illuminate

A brand originally from the Netherlands, AY Illuminate is inspired by the traditions and know-how of Asia and Africa to create magnificent lamps with bohemian and ethnic styles. Combining tradition and modernity, the brand asserts itself by offering its creations to a global audience. In order to promote art, AY Illuminate contributes to the decoration of places such as restaurants or artists' houses.

AY Illuminate, lights that combine craftsmanship and modernity

Whether cotton or paper light fixtures, the designers at Ay Illuminate always design their pieces with what they find in nature and across the cultures of the world. In close collaboration with artisans from Asia and Africa, they seek out natural materials and traditional know-how. This results in contemporary designs, organically shaped, created with local techniques in natural materials. Ay illuminate products celebrate the unique beauty of traditional craftsmanship around the world.

Favor naturalness for authentic designs with an ethnic style

Using natural and noble natural materials and being inspired by nature to create magnificent pendant lights of ethnic and bohemian inspiration, this is the mission that AY Illuminate has given itself. The Dutch brand offers exceptional models, which it imagines by going to meet distant cultures and exceptional know-how. Their creations, bright, have an aesthetic all their own and will bring an out of the ordinary bohemian touch to your interior.

From rattan to recycled cardboard, AY Illuminate highlights, in its own way, natural materials in all their simplicity. The creations, of pure appearance, are in reality the result of a long work of research, innovation and design. One strand after another, craftsmen from all over the world bring these organic shaped pendant lights to life. Resembling cocoons or stones polished by water, each model is unique and carries with it a story: that of a know-how put, with passion, at the service of a re-imagined interior design.

The countries of Asia and Africa are the ones that inspire the Dutch brand the most. Indeed, it is in these countries that the oldest examples of working with plant fibers have been found, and it is also there that basketry is still traditionally practiced, according to techniques that have passed through the generations and allow to obtain unique and durable decorative items. For this reason, each model carries this cultural identity, inherited from yesterday's traditions and brought up to date.

Innovate to showcase art and know-how

Indeed, it is under the sign of innovation that AY Illuminate wishes to place its creations. Drawing on inspirations from around the world, the brand revises the traditional and transforms it into something new, which is as much part of an approach to highlight know-how as in a desire to innovate, to break the codes. and to offer everyone extraordinary pieces of lighting, which will bring them light and joy in the long term. To affirm this conviction, AY Illuminate has participated in numerous furnishing projects for places frequented by the public, all over the world.

Thus, creations signed AY Illuminate can be found at the Ludlow House in New York City, which welcomes for warm moments creators working in many fields. Likewise, the brand brought its creations to the Mama Mulan restaurant, located in Sydney, Australia. This restaurant offers its guests modernized Chinese cuisine served in a minimalist and designer setting. It is therefore natural that AY Illuminate finds its place in this place.

Thanks to these actions, AY Illuminate also highlights art in all its forms, from painting to cooking, and the way it evolves over time while maintaining the quality of the know-how associated with it. . A great way to get involved in the promotion of what, every day, makes our world a little more magical.

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