ENOstudio (“New Objects Edition”) was born ten years ago, with the ambition to edit everyday objects, quality furniture and lighting, with a simple and poetic design. The publishing house draws its inspiration from a dreamlike universe and offers a sensitive vision of design. Both soft and pure, the aesthetic of ENOstudio allows itself all the freedom to offer a certain vision of an uninhibited and curious art of living.

The foundation of ENOstudio

It was in 2007 that the ENOstudio company was born, with the diminutive ENO meaning Edition of New Objects . The brand presents itself as an editor of everyday objects calling on the talent of great designers from around the world, and its concept follows a completely attractive logic. The primary goal of the brand is to transform and modify everyday objects by making them accessible to a greater number of people. It thus wishes to facilitate and make their daily life more pleasant, by taking into account the changing needs and behavior of individuals. Thus, it is with a love and a passion of its own that the company today offers creations combining the useful with the fun and the aesthetic.

This makes the brand the bearer of a pleasant universality, to which it owes most of its success. To make itself known, it can also count on the unique and qualitative character of the materials used to make its products. Indeed, it is with a wide variety of unparalleled and very solid materials that the brand imagines and manufactures its pieces. Combining steel with velvet, the company promises long-lasting and long-lasting quality .

An inspiration from French design

The brand's style, inspired by French design, is very popular. Working with an often forgotten style, the brand aims to give it a place of honor and bring it up to date. She also wants to highlight her own vision of the art of living, which people can then draw inspiration from.
ENOstudio also wants to promote Hand Made Design through its products. For this, the brand has chosen to design them while remaining attentive to respect for the environment. It chooses its materials with care and positions itself as a responsible brand .

The brand also proves its commitment by offering neutral or low-carbon exports of its products, to impact the environment as little as possible . Therefore, opting for ENOstudio is not only a question of style, but it is also to encourage a responsible brand in terms of ecology and promoting craftsmanship and know-how .

With an uninhibited form, the creations of ENOstudio are original and coincide perfectly with an innovative and contemporary interior. If you want to bring a touch of authenticity to your decoration, while opting for a modern and refined style, this brand is the one for you. From furniture to lighting, you will inevitably find your happiness among their creations, which are diversified in different styles and colors. The design inspired by the French art of living and the retro atmosphere given off by the materials used in the making of the products directly plunge the guest into a pleasant environment. In other words, ENOstudio guarantees you well-being and comfort whatever your needs.

A nod to designers and creators

ENOstudio collaborates with internationally renowned designers, in order to offer a wide range resulting from varied and exotic know-how. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, in 2017, the brand wanted to pay tribute to ten of its creators with a special collection of ten new products, ranging from pieces of furniture to lighting. Among the collaborators, we find Guillaume Delvigne, Matali Crasset, Charlotte Sagory and Goliath Dyèvre , to name but a few.

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