Gabrielle Paris

Inspired by the family spirit, the Gabrielle Paris brand offers a wide choice of bed linen, table linen, accessories and home clothes for young and old. Committed to the environment and people, Gabrielle Paris shares with us sustainable creations, good for the skin and the planet. What to have fun while adopting a responsible behavior.

Gabrielle Paris story

Gabrielle Paris was founded by Julie, who named the brand after her grandmother. Anxious to meet the requirements of today's families, Gabrielle Paris offers textile pieces adapted to their needs and desires, in a changing world to which it is necessary to adapt. The brand's desire is to offer products that combine aesthetics and functionality, so that everyone can enjoy life at home as much as possible. Linen can thus give life to the house, dress it in a thousand colors and remain, in the long term, a daily ally. Thanks to him, Gabrielle Paris wants to sublimate the French art of living, to give it a real refined and family identity, as she imagines.

Timeless and practical textiles for the home

Gabrielle Paris is an attentive brand, which finds meaning in every detail of an object or accessory. Thus, the brand carefully chooses the colors of its models, which it defines as the reflection of personalities, and as a catalyst of positive emotions. Gabrielle Paris focuses on harmony, on the way in which colors can complement each other to create fabulous compositions. Thus, the brand offers its permanent collection, "Les Essentiels", in all the colors of its color chart, to allow you to find the perfect combination of colors that will make your interior vibrate.

The Gabrielle Paris collections evolve with the seasons: summer and winter, the brand offers beautiful patterns printed on the fabric, which are good for morale and embellish the house while remaining in tune with the times. As for the material, Gabrielle Paris has opted for naturalness and simplicity. The brand carefully selects the flax and cotton fibers it works with, for unique products down to the smallest details.

The history of the brand is also that of a meeting: that between Julie and Justine, one in the artistic direction and the other in the development of the brand. Together, they progress and make Gabrielle Paris evolve, to continue to promote, within each household, well-being and family spirit.

Gabrielle Paris, a respectful brand committed to people and the environment

Gabrielle Paris is also committed, in its own way, to the environment and people. Positioning itself at the opposite of fast fashion, a mode of consumption based on the almost continuous renewal of collections, the brand wishes above all to offer timeless and sustainable creations, which will be able to accompany you over the long term in your everyday life. . By using long flax fibers, Gabrielle Paris prevents warping and lint formation, and at the same time offers a material that is easy to maintain. Flax is a plant mainly cultivated in Europe, including in France. The material also constitutes 80% of the creations signed by Gabrielle Paris. In the same perspective of sustainability, the brand uses eco-responsible and recyclable packaging. It also limits the production of textile waste as much as possible, by using the offcuts to produce pouches intended to accommodate the laundry.

It is also for the skin, as sensitive as it is essential, that Gabrielle Paris is committed with its creations. The products presented by the brand are AZO FREE, and do not contain any AZO dyes that are harmful to the skin or the planet. As for her own dyes, Gabrielle Paris has chosen them without heavy metals and without dangerous chemicals. Enough to limit the risks without changing the quality! For clean and healthy laundry, the brand also relies on enzymatic washing, ecological, more powerful and less water-intensive. The Gabrielle Paris workshop also deals with the treatment of its wastewater.

Choosing Gabrielle Paris therefore means supporting alternative consumption that is more respectful of the environment and people. And respect never hurt anyone.

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