Studio Roof

Discover the wonderful Studio Roof wall decorations, objects to build in recycled cardboard that will brighten up your interior.

The story of Studio Roof

Studio Roof is a wonderful adventure that began in 2005, when Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashin decided to launch the brand both as a couple and as a family, accompanied by their three children. The couple then decided to draw inspiration from imagination and childhood, in order to offer innovative and original creations.

One day, Romy had the idea to build a recycled cardboard dollhouse for her children. She then asked her husband Ilya to help her make it, and then her children to build it. This is when the Studio Roof project came to life!

Original and ecological decorations

Inspired by imagination, art and nature which constitute the main sources of inspiration, Studio Roof offers a vast catalog of cardboard creations to assemble yourself: there are wall masks or cardboard toys such as fish, insects, jungle animals or even dinosaurs!

All the materials used are ecological and biodegradable: the cardboard is recycled and the ink used is vegetable. In this way Studio Roof contributes to the preservation of the environment.

The brand thus advocates “Do It Yourself”, allowing children to create their own games, which are colorful, original and very playful.

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