Studio Roof

A brand from the Netherlands, Studio Roof is a family story that quickly turned into a great adventure. Inspired by childhood and nature, the brand offers colorful models that will nicely dress the walls of your home. From the raw material to the final product, Studio Roof works for the preservation of the environment and human rights, by working with respectful materials and by engaging with an NGO.

The story of Studio Roof

Studio Roof is a wonderful adventure that begins in 2005 in the Netherlands, when Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashin decide to launch their own brand. They are launching both as a couple and as a family, as they are accompanied by their three children. The couple decides to draw inspiration from imagination and childhood, in order to offer innovative and original creations, all playful and colorful.
One day, Romy has the idea of building a recycled cardboard dollhouse for her children. She then asks her husband Ilya to help her make it, then her children to build it. This is when the Studio Roof project comes to life!

Born from the conviction that the imagination and the taste for the game are not just a childhood affair, but that these traits accompany us throughout our life, Studio Roof gives a facelift to the interior by offering original designs imbued with joy and nostalgia.

Original and ecological decorations

Inspired by imagination, art, different cultures and nature, Studio Roof offers a vast catalog of design creations to assemble yourself in cardboard: there are wall masks or cardboard toys, such as tropical fish, colorful birds, impressive insects, magnificent jungle animals or even ferocious dinosaurs!
All the materials used are ecological and biodegradable, a real plus for this environmentally conscious brand: the cardboard is recycled and the ink used is vegetable. In this way Studio Roof contributes to the preservation of our beautiful planet.

Nature being a central element in the history of Studio Roof, the use of paper for these living creations takes on its full meaning. With fifteen years of experience, Studio Roof brings together passionate designers and their heads full of new colorful ideas, to illuminate the world with unique designs. Their collection of wall masks, for example, will give your interior a unique, ethnically inspired vibe.
In addition to being magical and full of ambition, the brand also advocates "Do It Yourself", allowing children to create their own games themselves, both colorful, original and very playful.

A committed and inspired brand

The originality of the Studio Roof system lies in their desire to never throw away, but to create a virtuous circle by even recycling their own products. Indeed, if they are designed to last as long as possible, the brand is still committed to taking them back and recycling them in their own way if you don't like them anymore.

Studio Roof is committed to working with transparent suppliers who respect international laws surrounding work, respect for workers and preservation of the environment. For its cardboard models, the brand and the company responsible for printing favor a raw material that has recognized quality certificates, such as ISO 14001 or ISO 9001. For each sale made, the brand also undertakes to plant a tree. , through the Trees for All foundation, which plants trees around the world to offset carbon emissions caused by human activity and help restore forests, for a better balance for the climate and biodiversity.

Finally, Studio Roof is committed alongside the NGO Karm Marg which, in Faridabad in India, takes care of about sixty children and offers them many opportunities in terms of education and integration into professional life. . Each year, Studio Roof donates 5% of the proceeds from its Christmas range to Kalm Marg. The brand also helps the organization through the Danish foundation SCOMI, which financially helps the NGO to help it develop its communication and marketing actions.

Choosing Studio Roof is therefore to indulge yourself with beautiful, colorful and affordable designs, while doing yourself a gesture for people and the environment.

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