Tzachi Nevo is the designer and creator of the modern decorative wall decor brand Umasqu. He has been graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design’s Industrial Design department in 1990. Upon graduating, he was working as a product designer before going on to other adventures in the online marketing world. A few years back, during a rough time in his life, he realized it’s time to go back to a hands on product design, he suddenly felt the need to return to the studio, to the design process, to working with his own two hands with various materials and most of all he felt the need to create. And so he did. With his love to toys and games and with his inner child, his sense of humor and his general approach to life, he entered the studio and started his own brand of original wall decor and named it ‘Urban Masquerade’ which turned after two years to Umasqu.






120 € - 300 €