Discover the collections of painted wood wall decorations, playful and colorful, from Umasqu and add a touch of originality to your interior!

Umasqu's story

Founded by designer Tzachi Nevo in 2015, the Umasqu house, short for Urban Masquerade, invents and offers ethnic wall decorations, colorful and each more original than the next. The wall masks in the collection are characterized by a strong graphic aesthetic and a marked abstract side. Designer Tzachi Nevo edits offbeat accessories with a touch of humor, inspired by books, drawings and comics that spark his imagination. Through unique and singular pieces, the Umasqu collections arouse emotion while expressing a need to work the design product by hand.

Original and colorful wall decorations

Umasqu takes you on a journey through varied, colorful and original collections. Inspired by the great tradition of African masks, the Modern African collection is inspired by colors and ethnic patterns. The other collections of the brand, Ma.Net , Chili , Abstrasso , Zoo , Eye or even Mademoiselle.U will all make you travel more than the others.

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