From Swedish craftsmanship, Pappelina woven plastic rugs will dress up your interior and exterior design projects. Quickly discover all the brand's creations, 100% Swedish rugs that are both original and eco-responsible!

Pappelina's story

Since the creation of Pappelina in 1999 by Lina Rickardsson, the brand has focused on creating a global collection of plastic rugs. During these 20 years, Pappelina updated her process by focusing on the human touch. The brand has developed new colors and designs and raised the Swedish plastic carpet to its highest level. Each Pappelina rug is made in Sweden with passion, tradition, craftsmanship and love!

After a few years in the United States, Lina Rickardsson returned to Sweden, her native country, and discovered an old school which had become the seat of an association of weavers. Passionate about weaving since her childhood, it is without any hesitation that the designer embarked on the loom at the age of 24. After taking courses in painting and weaving, Lina Rickardsson began making rugs for her pleasure, but the latter quickly became a full-fledged professional activity, with orders coming from the largest dealers in the region. The Norrgavel store, with stores in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, ordered 24! It was then the start of a great adventure.

Quickly overwhelmed by orders, Lina Rickardsson began looking for a weaving factory and found a small family business in Dalarna that had been weaving for more than fifty years. She surrounds herself with three collaborators to make her rugs and make her passion her job.

Around the same time, Lina accidentally discovered colorful plastic ribbons that had been used to make rugs in the 1970s. Immediately inspired, she began designing a whole new range of unique plastic rugs. Using a new and testing weaving technique and twice as much material as usual, she creates a rug that becomes the first of its kind on the market.

Her collaborators being very hesitant about this new manufacturing technique, Lina proves to them that this idea was worth it by presenting her creations at the Formex fair in Stockholm in January 2000, where she sells 124 plastic rugs and 12 linen rugs. A year and a half later, at the Formex fair in August 2001, Lina presented the BOB rug, a square rug with striped patterns with a soft and generous appearance, the latter was awarded the Formex Formidabel 2001 in the category of best textile.

Today, Pappelina weaves 100,000 carpets each year, employs around 40 people in Dalarna and markets the brand in 26 countries. BOB and VERA rugs remain bestsellers and are often portrayed as Scandinavian design classics. Lina continues to develop new patterns and techniques. The product range may expand, but the very essence of Pappelina remains the same: simple, elegant and functional.

100% Swedish rugs

All Pappelina rugs are made in their very local weaving factory in Leksand in the town of Dalarna. In this factory, where the loom, warp and weft mingle, the sound of wood being worked resounds like a melody to create rugs as unique as each other. The materials used to create the ideal rug are not chosen at random. The good composition and quality of its latest, crafted by dedicated craftsmen, form the perfect equation to bring you products close to a Swedish work of art. Pappelina makes genuine Swedish rugs with a contemporary and colorful design.

These rugs, reversible and machine washable at 30 ° C, will easily find their place in a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom or even a veranda. The plastic material of the rugs is resistant to all types of weather.

For a few years now, Pappelina has also been making cushions, throws and kitchen accessories to decorate any room in the house. Some patterns are also inspired by the colors of the most famous rugs of the brand, enough to match your entire home.

The eco-responsibility of the brand

All Pappelina rugs are made in Sweden. The same goes for components, materials, design, weaving, logistics and distribution, everything is 100% Swedish! All the rugs are made in a local factory, each of the pieces offered by the brand presents a traditional and authentic know-how brought by dedicated and quality craftsmen.

Pappelina rugs only contain PVC made in Sweden and free from phthalates or any toxic substances, they are also approved by REACH®, a guarantee of quality. In addition, the PVC used is used for the food industry and the manufacture of toys in Europe and the United States. PVC being an easy to clean material, which does not fade to light or detergents, these rugs are machine or hand washable, even a simple rinse with clear water and a damp cloth will suffice for them. give a facelift! Pappelina rugs are resistant to water, sun and UV rays, the color resistance of the rugs has been tested in accordance with the international standards of ISO 105-A05. The rugs are also hypoallergenic, and therefore do not present any danger for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

Passionately creating durable rugs that are guaranteed to be non-toxic, that is how Pappelina's mission could be summed up.

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