Good & Mojo

The Dutch brand Good & Mojo has taken on the challenge of making eco-responsible and designer lighting. Scandinavian and bohemian inspired, let yourself be tempted by its pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps.

Good & Mojo, the story of a sparkling brand

Inspired by the book “Before they pass away” by Jimmy Nelson, Good & Mojo is an interior design brand straight from the Netherlands. Created in 2016 by the It's about RoMi brand, Good & Mojo offers a wide selection of ethical and responsible lighting. Scandinavian and bohemian inspiration, at Good & Mojo you will find chic, elegant and refined pendant lights. You will be able to find the ethical philosophy of the brand down to the smallest details: the names of the different lamps offered by Good & Mojo are inspired by mountains, rivers, regions, national parks ... Everest, Himalayas, Galapagos, Mekong, Kalimantan: achieve a real around the world from your home!

A 100% eco-responsible lighting brand

Since its creation in 2016, the Good & Mojo brand has set itself a challenge: to use only sustainable and recyclable materials for the manufacture of its bohemian suspensions. Bamboo is the main element used to create its suspensions, this strong and flexible plant grows quickly. In addition, the Dutch brand also uses recycled paper and glass, tires, wood chips, Portuguese cork, volcanic rock, hessian or even ecological linen which requires less energy to produce. than cotton for example. So many different materials to give free rein to your imagination and perfect your bohemian chic interior decoration. The brand's style mixes geometric shapes with clean lines. You will thus be able to decorate your interior with designer and eco-responsible suspensions, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps! Whether in a bedroom, a dining room, a kitchen, Good & Mojo has thought of everything to brighten up your days and evenings.

Good & Mojo highlights a humanitarian cause

Much more than a desire to create sustainable lighting, using recycled and recyclable materials, the interior decoration brand Good & mojo maintains an ambitious humanitarian project. Buying a light is allowing another person in the world to have access to it! Thus, for each lamp sold a percentage is donated to the WakaWaka foundation. And little more, Good & Mojo is committed to planting a tree for each suspension purchased!

Did you know that more than a billion people in the world are forced to live without any access to light and electricity? The WakaWaka foundation leads a daily and dedicated fight against this energy poverty by providing these families with solar lamps. These are the most efficient in the world, they provide at least 34 hours of light. A real sustainable alternative to petroleum lamps, which are much more dangerous and polluting. Thus, since 2016, more than 4,580 families have already been equipped in countries such as Chile, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Nepal. Good & Mojo has set itself the goal of helping 6,000 households by the end of 2020.

By choosing this eco-responsible interior design brand, you will also be making a contribution to the building by supporting and participating in the fight of this foundation. Brighten up your lives and the lives of others with Good & Mojo.

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