Sika Design

Sika-Design is a Danish family business founded by the Andreasen family for over 3 generations. Since 1950, Sika-Design has been offering handcrafted furniture combining aesthetics, durability and comfort. The designers offer environmentally friendly Scandinavian-inspired collections featuring rattan, wicker and wood.

The history of Sika-Design

It is more than 70 years that the Sika-Design brand was born in Horsen, Denmark. It takes its name from an animal, the sika deer, known for its elegance. Originally, the company carried out its production using raw materials and materials collected outside, in the fields and in the marshes. The company is developing rapidly, always prioritizing quality over quantity in the work of wickerwork, to offer designer and comfortable creations. From the 1960s, Sika-Design increasingly diversified its production and set off to explore Europe. The brand sends its products to attract potential investors, and takes its first steps in international exhibitions dedicated to furniture.

Very quickly, a Sika-Design branch was created in Germany. During the 1970s, the brand focused on the use of new materials, including teak, which had gradually appeared in Sika-Design creations from the 1960s. Here again, the company grew in size, with the establishment of a rattan production branch, dedicated to the creation of furniture, on the initiative of Ankjær Andreasen, the founder of Sika-Design. In the decades that followed, initiatives followed, from the arrival of the first outdoor collection to the creation of Cane-line, the brand's little sister, whose creations are also available on our site. Throughout its history, which seems far from over, Sika-Design is committed to quality, and has been able to grow while preserving its values.

Thoughtful designs that make all the difference

Working with craftsmen with proven talents in the field, Sika-Design makes basketry and natural materials elegant by bringing materials such as wicker or rattan up to date. Inspired by its roots, the brand offers a range of furniture and accessories in natural and soft colors, inspired by Nordic aesthetics. Its astonishing Nanny rocking chair, for example, brilliantly combines finesse and comfort. This one is made of hand-woven wicker and rattan. It is part of the Icons collection, which highlights designs inspired by iconic furniture and talented designers, who marked their time. Available in different colors, these creations have something timeless that catches our attention, without their originality ever clashing with the decoration. Despite the unwelcoming appearance, at first glance, of the association of these two natural fibers, the piece of furniture is warm and can be decorated, at your convenience, with cushions in complementary tones.

With its Scandinavian-inspired collections, Sika-Design is reinventing interior decoration by mixing natural materials and contemporaneity, in an era where we no longer swear by plastic. The brand is therefore working on the establishment of a new mode of consumption, in which we favor products made of sustainable and natural materials, which can support everyone in the long term.

An ethical, responsible and sustainable brand

In its actions, Sika-Design also wishes to commit to the environment. The brand is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to guarantee, through the use of rattan, greener production and actions in favor of the environment. Indeed, rattan has the particularity of growing very quickly (it is the second plant with the fastest growth in the world). Its plans grow by clinging to trees and therefore contribute to the preservation of the forest and biodiversity. This plant can be transformed into a durable and ideal material for the manufacture of furniture, it is therefore a great ally for humans as well as for biodiversity.

What to have fun without feeling guilty.

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