Kok Maison

KOK Maison is a family business founded in 1926 which, for 4 generations, has honored the weaving of plant fibers and the craftsmanship around this material. Combining a love of tradition and modernity, the brand offers furniture in natural materials, such as rattan or teak. Recently, Kok Maison has also offered outdoor models in Lloyd Loom weaving or woven resin, to guarantee long-term strength and comfort outdoors.

Kok Maison, a family story

For 4 generations, Kok Maison has been offering beautiful models for indoors and outdoors, focusing its production on the use and weaving of plant fibers. Through its creations, the brand wishes to pay tribute to the artisanal know-how of the weavers, and to continue to keep alive a tradition which has made it possible for many years to offer natural, qualitative and sustainable objects and furniture. Founded in the 1920s by Pierre Kok, who had just settled in France, it was born out of the latter's desire to perpetuate a two-generation tradition: the manufacture of rattan seats, a fiber obtained from certain plants and used in basketwork and for the manufacture of furniture. The company, having succeeded in prospering despite the war and the crisis, was taken over by Pierre Kok's daughter, Annie Krol, in the 1970s.

It was during this period that Kok Maison's activity became international and modernized, with the appearance of a flagship product: the Emmanuelle armchair, made of natural exotic rattan and with surprising weaving. The model is all the rage, while Kok Maison innovates with new materials, cane from the Philippines and leather. From 2004, with the arrival of Tina Ledi, granddaughter of Pierre Kok, in the company, the collection extends to the world of outdoor design, with synthetic rattan models suitable for outdoor use.

Natural and sustainable materials

For the making of these models dedicated to the outdoors, Kok Maison can count on Lloyd Loom weaving, made from kraft paper and steel. This method allows optimal durability and allows the replacement of rattan weaving without changing the aesthetics of the models for which Kok Maison is famous. Made of very fine fibers, the Lloyd Loom is soft to the touch and perfectly follows the shape of the product. It is therefore the perfect compromise to combine naturalness and solidity.

For its exterior models, Kok Maison also uses HDPE resin, which can be braided to obtain a result visually close to rattan, while ensuring good resistance of the material outdoors, resistance of the furniture to bad weather and UV rays. The company has also been expanding online since 2015 and launched Orchid Edition, a designer rattan furniture brand.

Passionate about weaving in plant fibers and artisanal know-how, the brand has been able to adapt to new technologies and developments in the world of design while maintaining its traditional know-how and respect for the environment. Kok Maison also wishes, thanks to its models, to offer a good compromise combining comfort and quality. The house takes all possible care in the finishes of its products, and transforms a material often considered inexpensive into a noble material. Kok maison wants above all to provide furniture that can accompany everyone in the long term and on a daily basis. The models, of pure and bohemian inspiration, are timeless and perfectly show that it is possible to combine simplicity, elegance and durability.

Designs steeped in history

Proud of its history, Kok Maison revisits the twentieth century, which saw it grow, with collections inspired by different eras, from the 1900s to the sixties. Of course, the brand is still part of the present with current ranges adapted to today's uses. Thus, Kok Maison makes the link between tradition and modernity, combining raw materials such as teak and rattan with ingenious weaves that make each piece of furniture a unique, durable and recognizable piece.

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