Panac is a French brand born from a very precise concept: the creation of a collection of high-end sofas with a refined and timeless design at an affordable price.

Panac works with few models and little stock, making it possible to create made-to-measure pieces. From the solid beech structure to the seat on elastic cross straps filled with high resilience foam, no detail is left to chance.

All models are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors. From cotton canvas to boullie wool through brushed velvet, each fabric has been carefully selected to meet criteria of comfort and durability. Do not hesitate to ask for samples of the different fabrics before making your choice.

Interesting strategies for sustainable sofas

To be able to offer the most attractive prices, Panac made several choices. Instead of offering a wide variety of products, the brand has chosen to focus its production on sofas. By specializing in one area, the company has not only reduced its organizational and design costs, but also wants to excel in its field to deliver high quality products. Thus, it offers high-end sofas born from the know-how of the team.

At Panac, optimization of time and design also involves a reduced choice of models. In fact, this makes it possible to plan in advance the appropriate working method and to anticipate orders to the supplier, to guarantee quality parts available in a short time.

In addition, it has chosen to reduce its stocks to limit the costs that may be associated with it. This also makes Panac a responsible brand, which adapts its production to demand. If there is no inventory then there is no unsold stock. Today, the brand can count on this working method to provide high quality finished products, for which it is famous. The offer is therefore tailor-made and comes in a wide choice of fabrics and colors to best suit everyone's desires.

Still in its sustainable approach, Panac has chosen to limit the intermediaries with which it works and preferred to favor direct circuits with suppliers in order to be able to offer its sofas for sale at an even lower cost. This close relationship with their suppliers also allows them to strengthen the trust that unites them and to ensure that it lasts over time.

Panac has developed an innovative logistics system to satisfy all the stakeholders involved: the logistics chain has been designed and organized in an optimal, simple and less expensive way. Thus, the process begins as soon as the customer orders. The entire system of routing, design, manufacturing and sales has been put in place to be as fluid and environmentally friendly as possible.

Quality assured

Panac has chosen to proceed in such a way as to reduce its costs as much as possible. And yet, Panac uses the same specifications as the big publishing houses!

Indeed the brand works with global manufacturers who aim to keep the same techniques and materials as the big publishing houses. For example, in terms of the structure, Panac designs it in solid beech, and the panels in plywood. For the filling, it is a high resilience foam, light and resistant, with silicone balls, or feathers as the case may be. The seat is attached to cross straps to ensure long-lasting support and great comfort. The fabrics chosen are selected in accordance with very specific safety and abrasion resistance standards.

What makes the strength of the Panac brand are its meticulously chosen materials, its proximity to suppliers and its strategy. By concentrating its production on high-end sofas, with modular and customizable fabrics and colors, it designs high-quality and durable furniture at low prices.

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