Les Pensionnaires

Founded in 2017, the young Lyon-based brand Les Pensionnaires offers you a wide range of household linen: bed linen, cushions, plaids and tablecloths.

Resulting from Portuguese know-how and high quality materials, Les Pensionnaires products are as refined as they are timeless. A sure value to dress up your home!

A brand synonymous with elegance and delicacy

Les Pensionnaires is a French brand, established in Lyon since 2017, supported by its creator Elsa Garaix. A brand with noble and warm values: sharing, exchange and creativity come first! All the brand's products are produced in Portugal, meticulously chosen for their know-how and local craftsmanship, with the utmost care and respect for the environment. Local manufacturing and products that are healthy for the environment and for oneself: the inks used for the colouring are AZO-Free and the products are free of heavy metals or dangerous chemicals.

Driven by creativity and a desire to offer her particular vision of well-being in the home, the founder launched her first collection with the theme of blue and 4 motifs. A blue colour was methodically chosen for the message it conveys: a colour that is both feminine and masculine, reminiscent of sky and sea, and above all synonymous with positivity.

Her dearest wish: to dress your homes. To help you make it a warm and friendly place like no other. And to fulfil this mission, she does not skimp on effort and no longer counts the number of her Pinterest pins in search of inspiration. In order to create linens capable of matching different styles, Elsa doesn't take her inspiration from any of the current decoration trends.

Elsa Garaix loves to play with colours and patterns, each of her creations is the result of hours of work: no detail is neglected, everything is thought out down to the smallest stitch. But the result is there: the Les Pensionnaires brand is like no other! Every colour, every pattern is designed by Elsa, making the brand unique.

Choose a monochrome set that is soft and elegant, or let your creativity express itself by associating and mixing different colours, patterns and prints.

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail".

What makes the brand's charm, apart from its unique and authentic style that cannot be found anywhere else, is its deep sense of detail. By choosing Les Pensionnaires products, you are choosing a product that has been thought out down to the smallest detail and made with precision and quality craftsmanship. Rigour is the norm at Les Pensionnaires and you can feel it in every product.

The buttons are made of delicate mother-of-pearl, the labels are woven, the duvet covers all come with their matching pockets. All the bed linen is made from a quality material (combed cotton percale) and in a tight print, a guarantee of quality. Finally, each product is distinguished by the emblematic signature of the brand: an elegant little golden embroidery.

These numerous details perfectly complete a range of household linen with elegance and delicacy. Elsa's motivation is simple: to engrave the identity of this brand over time. Her primary goal is to make it a brand that survives trends and generations. Les Pensionnaires is above all household linen with a much deeper meaning: when you choose Les Pensionnaires you don't just choose them for a season or two!

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15 € - 165 €