Wishing to explore the world of design from new perspectives, Muuto reinvents interior and exterior furnishings to offer innovative, aesthetic and responsible solutions. Engaged in a process of creation and sustainable manufacturing, the brand does everything it can to continue to develop while limiting its impact on the environment and on people as much as possible. All over the world, in its dedicated showrooms, Muuto shares its own philosophy with us and brings a new perspective to the world of design.

Muuto's philosophy

Muuto is a brand of furniture and accessories offering many interior and exterior design and decoration solutions. Inspired by the philosophy and forms of Scandinavian design, the brand offers functional creations with characteristic aesthetics. Its name, which comes from "muutos", "new perspective" in Finnish, goes hand in hand with its operation: reinventing Scandinavian design, mixing innovation and tradition, for a reinvented Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle.

Wishing to introduce Scandinavian design to the world from new perspectives, Muuto favors the use of modern materials and techniques. As for the designers, Muuto goes to meet not only the creative minds, but also the philosophy, which the brand wants similar to its own.

Discover design from a new perspective

Creative and passionate, Muuto aims to sublimate each object, thanks to new perspectives, adapted to current challenges and needs. And even if its influences are Scandinavian, the influence of Muuto is global, and aims to offer everyone a new way of understanding everyday life thanks to the creations presented by the brand.

Affirming its desire to export in order to introduce the world to its philosophy and the creations it presents, Muuto has many showrooms around the world. From Paris to Shanghai, via Chicago, Muuto offers design enthusiasts the opportunity to come and discover magnificent living rooms furnished by him. Whether it is an office or a living room, the brand presents concrete and creative universes in its image.

From the living room to the garden, including the kitchen, Muuto offers unique furnishing and accessorization solutions. Taking up certain Scandinavian design codes, the brand reinvents objects to allow the public to see them from new perspectives. Thus, Muuto relies on unique creations, with rounded shapes. Here, forms and raw materials are king: they have an important place, they dress the space and sublimate themselves. Whether you are looking for a discreet but design piece of furniture to complete your interior, or the next colorful centerpiece that will revive it, you will inevitably find your happiness among the creations signed Muuto.

Sustainable Scandinavian-inspired furniture

Muuto is also committed to acting in a responsible and sustainable manner, while respecting, throughout the process of creation and manufacture of its products, the environment and people. Anxious to do well, the brand carefully selects its raw materials, its materials, and especially its partners. Muuto also calls on independent institutes: these intervene when testing and certifying products, to guide and help the brand to offer only the best, once the product has been completed. The choice of packaging for each item is also thought to be respectful, because Muuto's action is not limited to its own perimeter, but also that of its customers.

Muuto's ethical approach is based on the brand's knowledge and curiosity. Muuto is therefore a learning brand which, as always, offers us to see the world from a new perspective.

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