Orchid Edition

At the initiative of the Ledi-Krol family in 1920, Orchid Edition is now a project carried by the KOK Maison brand. Rattan is honored by going beyond traditional codes to offer a sophisticated and modern design.

The mix between young designers and traditional techniques allows rattan to be shown in a new light. Four French design studios are collaborating on this project: AC / AL studio, At-Once, Guillaume Delvigne, Jean-Michel Policar.

The story of Orchid Edition

Orchid Edition is a publishing house born from the initiative of Kok Maison, a brand carried for 4 generations by the Ledi-Krol family. Specializing in high-end rattan furniture, a natural material used in basketry and for the creation of furniture, this publishing house signs unique creations with bohemian and sophisticated inspirations.

Orchid Edition wishes to promote rattan, its richness and its history. She puts this light and natural material at the service of today's interior design, with unusual furniture. These are designed by French designers and manufactured in Indonesia.

Rattan in the spotlight

Orchid Edition offers a whole range of interior furniture - from sofas to lamps, including atypical headboards - mainly made of rattan. It thus emphasizes the technique and know-how around this material from Southeast Asia and used in basketry for hundreds of years. Whether it is to optimize space or to offer innovative, comfortable and durable creations, the products offered by the publishing house take up the very idea of basketry, a very old technique of manufacturing. objects and accessories by weaving different plant fibers, including rattan.

The creations offered by Orchid Edition are also steeped in history. The publishing house makes it a point of honor to share the details of the manufacture of its products, from the harvest and preparation of the rattan to the last details added to the prototypes. She also brings the voices of creators (at-once, Emilie Criez, Guillaume Delvigne, Jean Michel Policar and Studio AC / AL) to whom she is committed to bringing the rattan furniture of today and tomorrow to life. . Finally, the publishing house leaves the word and the choice to its customers, in particular with the option “customer fabric” which allows the latter to furnish his chair, armchair or sofa cushions according to his own idea.

Orchid Edition wishes to shake up established codes by offering a timeless collection, drawing inspiration from yesterday's know-how by adapting it to the uses and needs of today and tomorrow. Thus, their Nacelle and Limbe lamps integrate electricity - a simple round bulb, evoking a star - in complex and skilful compositions of rattan basketry, thus combining the useful with the pleasant. Another example, the Traverse bench, created in collaboration with Studio AC / AL, was born from the desire to honor the lightness and contemporary aspect of the object. Inspired by the industrial architecture of northern France, the piece of furniture combines rattan and metal balance, weighs no more than 3 kg and is suitable for many uses - from the entrance to the house to the spa - thanks to its solidity and its clean and innovative design.

Plant-based and timeless creations

Indonesian-made, Orchid Edition creations are designed to combine comfort and innovation, for an optimized and warm interior. Designed in soft colors and materials such as rattan, glass or steel, the refined furniture and accessories fit perfectly into any type of interior, to which they bring a bohemian and exotic touch. From this alliance of materials results a collection of minimalist furniture, recalling by their forms and their composition the basics of traditional oriental interiors, for which the vegetable and the mineral are centerpieces.

The furniture with floral and rounded shapes, evoking the Art Nouveau style, denotes a certain softness and a taste for detail and pronounced aesthetics. The creations of the house Orchid Edition, of simple and refined appearance, are the result of a process of reflection, design and precise and unique creation in which take part the young minds of today and the inherited know-how. of past generations.

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