Kutikai's story is that of friends whose worlds are turned upside down by the arrival of children. Marysia and Dorota are inspired by their daily life to design a line of simple, playful and creative furniture. The 2 friends attach great importance to the safety and quality of materials, which makes their products exceptional pieces.

Kutikai, a brand designed for parents, by parents

Kutikai is a Polish brand offering furniture to smartly dress your children's room. Her story begins with two friends who became two mothers.

Marysia and Dorota's daily life changes dramatically when the two friends discover life with children. Having to adapt to this sudden change, they imagine children's furniture inspired by their daily life, and the many novelties brought about by the onset of parenthood. This one, designed in a style combining urban and rural life, is designed for the safety of the child, but also aims to make him dream with original and innovative designs. Thus, the collections signed Kutikai brilliantly combine the world of games that are so passionate about children and safety, for hours of daily fun without fear of sores.

Design and secure creations for your children

Kulikai's creations are made from solid birch plywood, which is sometimes bleached to achieve a different aesthetic result. In neutral tones (white, beige or black), the brand's creations carry within them the desire to place utility above all else, by offering furniture which, in addition to being beautiful and easily integrated into your interior, will know how easily meet your needs and your children's expectations.

Kutikai knows that your child's needs change as they grow. For this reason, the brand offers a convertible kit for its The Roof bed. This kit, in the form of a welcoming house, allows you to adapt the bed to the child's age. Secure enough to accommodate a little one, it easily replaces the kit sold with The Roof bed, by a simple screwing system. This The Roof bed kit therefore makes it easy to transform a single bed into a playful cabin, for hours of fun and unique decoration.

Constant optimization at the service of families

Each model comes to life after a click, an element of everyday life (whether it is moments of play with the children or various events in the life of parents) that highlights a need for them. parents or for children. Thus, each creation signed Kutikai is part of a learning process, which aims to bring the best to each family. Each idea, whatever it is, is transcribed in sketch.

To design its products, Kutikai goes through a real architectural process. From the first sketches to prototypes, each step is crucial to the eventual birth of a new model that will enrich the brand's collections. For Kutikai, each of his creations must be able to harmoniously blend simplicity and creativity.

To bring its projects to life, Kutikai initially chooses products that will guarantee optimal safety for each child. Each piece of furniture is covered with an organic varnish, recommended for toys and children's furniture. Kutikai's products are made in a family carpentry, and special importance is given to every detail, so that the end result is as faithful as possible to the idea of Marysia and Dorota. If necessary, adjustments are made to overcome the roughly and achieve an optimal fit for your child. With quality as the watchword, it's impossible not to give this brand a chance, with a touching history and designs as beautiful as they are practical.

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